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Revamp and iPhone 5 Review!

Hi all! It’s been some time. First off, before I get started on my review, I wanted to let you know why I decided to change not only the name, but the source of my blog. Geeky Ambitions was a cool name, but I didn’t think it really fit me. While this blog is about my love for being a geek and an addict of technology (seriously guys, technology is like heroin to me. GIVE ME MORE!), I still wanted the blog identity to be a little personal to me. I’m horrible at names as it is and finding a name was just about downright excruciating. However, the most notable trait I have is being a tiny little stick. Seriously, everyone who I’ve met has always commented on my height — or lack thereof. At one of my jobs, I earned the loving nickname of Itty Bitty by an old co-worker who is still a good friend of mine to this day. Put that together with the fact that I’m a proud geek and you have Itty Bitty Geek. Hopefully you all like it, because I do and it’s not changing! Seriously, I’ll rip my hair out if I have to try to think up another name.

Why WordPress?

It’s clean, simple, and beautifully organized. While Blogspot/Blogger has the option of linking with my G+ account, I simply love the way WordPress works for me. Plus, their mobile app allows me to access much more than Blogspot/Blogger does. Sometimes I may want to check on the stats of my blog on the go or check out other blogs. This app allows me to do so on my iPhone and on my iPad. Blogspot/Blogger lacked that. Also, I feel I may have more freedom with customizing WordPress than Blogspot, but I haven’t looked into that yet. One day I’ll get off my lazy ass and really make the look of this thing my own… So there you have it. I promise I won’t change again! 🙂

Okay, finally we can move on to the real point of this post.

iPhone 5 Review!!

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the hip, new iPhone 5 from all the marketers and whatnot, right? Well here’s another one, but this one’s going to be much more awesome than all the others. Why? Because it’s a hands-on review and because it’s also from this short little geeky chick who is nowhere near a professional journalist (yet). Damn straight. So here we go.

I’ve had the phone for a little over a week now and I have really been able to play with it and see what flaws there are and what I truly enjoy about this new piece of art from Apple. I’ll break it down into little sections for you, just cause it’ll look much more organized and shit. Also, it will keep me from rambling on and jumping around to different aspects of the phone (I’m practicing on this review thing okay? Don’t judge me, monkey.)

Look and Feel

As you’re well aware of by now, Apple decided to slim down their phone even further than it already was. They slimmed it down by another 18%, which is about the width of the sliver side panels on the iPhone 4/4S. They’ve also made it lighter as well. When I held my iPhone 4 in one hand and the iPhone 5 in the other, there was a distinct difference in weight. Basically, the new phone is so much lighter and thinner that I’m even more afraid of dropping it than I was with the last one. The only thing that doesn’t scare me quite so much about dropping it is that they made the smart move of lining about 85% of the back with aluminum this time, giving the phones a two-tone look. This was a smart move, in my opinion, because the phone feels much less slippery and is a little more durable if it does happen to be dropped — at least on the back side of the phone. The front is still entirely glass, so if you happen to drop it, chances are the screen will be busted. Speaking of the screen, it has also been upgraded to the 4 inch screen. The difference between this phone and its competition, however, is that they made it taller rather than wider. This makes the phone slightly longer because of this, but the smart move they made was keeping the width of the screen the same. How is that a good thing, might you ask? Well, you may not have this problem, but for me (and others who may have small hands), the previous iPhone fit perfectly into my hand. I could still use just one thumb to navigate and text, if I wanted. I had picked up a Samsung Galaxy SIII and played with it for a few minutes to see how it felt in my hand. It was too large for me and there would have been no way I could have used just one hand on that phone if I wanted. Simply making the iPhone 5 taller, not wider, still allows me to hold it with just one hand. It’s awesome.

The colors on the screen are much more vibrant than before. I notice a huge difference in the vibrancy of the green in my Messages app. This may have gone along with the update to 1136-by-640 resolution in comparison to iPhone 4/4S’s 960-by-640 resolution.

I went with the white iPhone this time around and I must say, between the silver backing and the reflective lining on the sides and the Apple logo, I feel like I have a fucking phone made out of diamonds or something. It’s a beautiful phone in white, but it also looks gorgeous in black as well. My boyfriend got the iPhone 5 in black with the slate back, which is also along the sides as well. It looks slick and, in some weird way, I am reminded of some high-tech little gadget out of the freaking Batcave. Yes, the Batcave.

The headphone jack has now been moved to the bottom of the phone, which some people may love while others may hate it. It is logical why they would move it, especially if you happen to like listening to music through your phone while studying or drawing or what have you. The phone may be sitting on the desk next to you and now, instead of having the cable from the headphones wrap around the phone, it now simply snakes out from the bottom and stays out of your way, for the most part. The only difference when you have to put the phone in your pocket is that you’ll have to put the phone in upside down. But why would you care anyway? You’re not messing with the phone while it’s in your pocket, so I don’t see why this would be a problem at all. In the end, I think it was another smart move from Apple.

All in all, the phone looks sharp and simple, just like Apple intended it to be.

Apple EarPods

Apple recently upgraded their horrendous earphones to the new Apple EarPods. These things are more ergonomic and are meant to fit into your ear better. For a person with smaller ears, while they do still fit much better than the previous ones, they still hurt my ears after a while. If there was a way to put some rubber or something on the edges of the EarPods, I’m sure it wouldn’t irritate my ears quite as much. But at least it was a noble attempt at making their headphones better. They also now come with a storage case. Don’t get me wrong, the case is pretty cool and simplistic — very Apple-esque — but wrapping the EarPods into it is annoying as hell. There are very specific spots for the EarPods and the mic and the rest you have to wrap around the case. I may be doing it wrong, but it always takes me like 5 minutes to get the damn wires to get in there correctly to snap it shut without screwing up the wire or something. While it looks great, maybe Apple could have come up with an easier way to have the EarPods and mic wrap around the stupid case!


The camera finally got the much-needed upgrade to 8MP. It was worth the wait, however, because the pictures look glorious. Even at 5MP I felt I was getting amazing pictures especially when I went on my trip to four national parks and took a lot of beautiful pictures all with two iPhones. With this new camera, however, I wish I could go back and retake all the pictures just to see the massive difference between the two. Not only that, however. The camera app now has a Panorama option for panoramic pictures. I am just itching to go climb a mountain now and really test this out. I played with it a little just taking a panorama shot of my room (which I will NOT be posting because my room is horrible) and it was pretty damn spiffy! I wasn’t exactly steady with my hand as I went across the room and the phone told me to slow down a lot with the panning, but the picture still turned out frakking awesome. Perhaps the next time I’m at an event or on top of a mountain or something I will take a picture and post it up for all to see. 🙂

Battery Life

The battery, as Apple says, is supposed to last much longer than the previous models. While I’m sure it has the potential, I have not seen a difference in battery life between this phone and my two-year old iPhone 4. I have to charge the sucker about once a day or once every other day. I am logged into GTalk and AIM through the BeejiveIM app most of the time, which helps to drain the battery pretty fast. This, coupled with everything iOS 6 has to run, location services, and the new LTE is probably draining the battery more than Apple may have originally thought. In order to save my battery life, I have turned off all the location services except on the apps I would truly need them (like Maps, AroundMe, The Weather Channel, etc), and I keep LTE off unless I really think I’ll need it. In truth I highly doubt it has anything to do with the battery at all and has to do entirely with the software. In time, I’m sure Apple will find a way to pinpoint that problem and fix it.

LTE and 4G capabilities

Holy shit is it fast. I am very aware that other phones have had this capability for a while now, but since this is the first time I’ve had a phone with these capabilities, I absolutely must mention it. IT IS FASTER THAN FRAKKING SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ON CRACK. Seriously, I have never seen a text message or an email send so fast and since iMessages will tell you when the message has been delivered (and read if the person has that option selected) to another iOS device there is no way I can be lying on this. As mentioned earlier, LTE does drain the battery a little quickly but when I do have it enabled, my apps download crazy fast and my web browser loads the pages faster as well. In short, for anyone still on 3G, UPGRADE YOUR SHIT ALREADY. It’s seriously worth it.


She’s awesome. iPhone 4S users have already been able to experience Siri when it first came out. Since I upgraded from the 4, this is my first experience using it and it’s pretty badass. She reads my text messages and sends my responses, she will post Twitter and Facebook status updates, she’ll search just about any ridiculous request I have for her via Safari if she doesn’t already have the answer in her little robot brain. She pretty much does everything for you and you don’t have to type anymore if you don’t want to; just make sure to enunciate your words properly. The only thing she doesn’t do is sexual favors. Stuck up bitch.

All in all, the new iPhone 5 is a fast, smart, gorgeous little beast of technology and it was well worth the wait for the upgrade, despite the flaws in some of the software. I would mention something about the new Apple maps, but I haven’t messed with it too much yet (and we all know it apparently sucks by now anyway). Other than that, I believe I’ve covered most of the important basics of the phone. I hope this helped give you some insight on the phone through a regular, everyday user! If there’s anything more you’d like to hear about the new iPhone 5, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or on my Facebook or Twitter page! Also, I’m always looking for more things to blog about. Do you have a suggestion? Let me know via Facebook or Twitter or leave a comment on my blog at anytime.

For a comparison of the three most recent iPhone models, I suggest just checking out Apple’s comparison page here to really see what all has been upgraded.

I hope you all enjoyed this review, especially since it was my first one! Feel free to leave feedback and let me know if I failed epicly or if I may actually be good at this kind of thing.

Stay geeky!

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    Most amusing phone review I’ve ever read. I laughed out loud at this: –> “I went with the white iPhone this time around and I must say, between the silver backing and the reflective lining on the sides and the Apple logo, I feel like I have a fucking phone made out of diamonds or something. It’s a beautiful phone in white, but it also looks gorgeous in black as well. My boyfriend got the iPhone 5 in black with the slate back, which is also along the sides as well. It looks slick and, in some weird way, I am reminded of some high-tech little gadget out of the freaking Batcave. Yes, the Batcave.”

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