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Gadget of the Week: Scarecrow Custom Fit Vampire Fangs

Alright, so in the spirit of Halloween, I went with something that might be useful for those of you looking into vampire or werewolf fangs! There’s plenty of choices out there for those devilish little fangs, but how do you know they’ll actually stay in your freaking mouth? Well, have I got news for you, ladies and gentlemen.

Scarecrow custom fit fangs actually work for being cheap little fangs you can get at the Halloween store!

These little babies come in a plethora of styles ranging from regular vampire fangs, smaller fangs (for those with small mouths like myself or those simply looking for a more subtle fang), werewolf fangs, blood-tipped fangs, or even double fangs! What they come with in the case is the fangs (duh), a couple capsules of powder, a small bottle of liquid, a carrying case, and a little wood stick to mix the putty. It comes with simple instructions on how to mix up the putty you’ll use to get the fangs to fit to your teeth and as long as you follow the instructions exactly they will fit just fine! The best part about these little guys is, if the mixture hardens and it is still loose on your tooth, you have more mixture to work with so you can get it to fit right! Once you have the right fit and it hardens, you have custom fit fangs to wear for as long as you want!

Unless you get the “Shredder” style, which is a double set of fangs, you have the option of fitting the fangs to either your canines or your incisors. So if your real teeth are crooked and the fang doesn’t want to sit right, you have another option. My suggestion is that you hold the fangs up and try to fit them to your teeth before actually mixing the putty so you know how it will look and if your natural teeth will allow it to sit the way you want it to. My canines are a little too pointy naturally so I ended up going for the True Blood vampire look with my fangs sitting on my incisors rather than canines. It still looks good on me that way!

So if you’re still scrambling to get those fangs, and need a relatively cheap option, I would recommend the Scarecrow brand! They are $20 and can be found at just about any local Halloween or costume shop!

Here is a picture of how the fangs fit on me after I fitted them to my teeth. Excuse my lack of make up:


As always, if you have a gadget you would like to be considered for a Gadget of the Week, feel free to contact me!


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  • Reply houkie October 24, 2012 at 10:03 PM

    It’s a little frightening how natural those look on you. 🙂 They look great!

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