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Costumes in Progress!

So, if you haven’t realized it yet, I am a costumer. I enjoy dressing up in handmade costumes from all my favorite games, movies, or comics. I also happen to do this for charity. My first costume I put together was the classic Slave Leia costume from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. I still have the costume and still put it on on occasion despite its massive popularity among lady cosplayers. However, when I put the costume on, I do my best to respect the character. If I’m in a revealing costume, I don’t go around acting all skanky and showing the goods. I try to remain modest… even when the costume is no where near as such.

Anyway, I do have some costumes in progress right at this moment! One is for the charity organization I am a part of, Rebel Legion. The others are just because I want to make them!

princessleia_detailSenatorial Leia

You guessed it, I’m doing the classic Princess Leia from A New Hope, complete with the “cinnamon bun” hairstyle (Mmm cinnamon buns). I actually started this a while back, but never got the belt to complete it. Well, since I will be participating in Fiesta Bowl again this year, I wanted to get this costume complete so the group could have the classic Leia in the parade! She is a highly-demanded character in most of our events. I will be getting the belt put together hopefully in the next week or so if I can get some help and she will be good to go for December 29th!





Arkham City Harley QuinnHarley

This costume, I absolutely adore. I already have the Arkham Asylum version of Harley, which if you have played the game, she’s in a sexy little nurse outfit with an underbust corset, mini skirt, and platform boots. For whatever reasons, the designers of her character decided to make her costume red and purple in that game. When I wear the costume, not a lot of people really recognize who I am unless I have the Joker plush with me or they’ve played the game. So when Arkham City came out and I saw they went back to the classic red-and-black and redid her costume, I HAD to make it eventually!

Plus, this costume has pants, not a skirt. Do you know how happy this makes me?! I can actually move around without possibly flashing someone my crack! Oh thank you baby Jesus!!

Anyway, the goal for this badass costume is Phoenix Comicon 2013. I have the wonderful TNXB Creations making this one for me because my costume making skills are… well… pretty much non-existant.

Assassin’s Creed

This one is a little more complicated and, while I would like to get it done for PCC ’13, it may not happen. Essentially I’d like to make a custom female assassin inspired by ACIII’s Connor. The thing is, I have no idea what to do for a design. Luckily, I have a friend who also wants to do the same thing so we can join a sisterhood here in AZ. I’ll keep you updated on progress of this costume, as well as the Harley Quinn costume.

A gigantic thanks to TNXB Creations

I really want to thank Thomas and Anna over at TNXB Creations. Not only are they just straight up AWESOME people, but they also happen to be the two people that will be helping me with both of these costumes (and probably more in the future). As the construction of these costume progress, I’ll be posting up pics and briefly going over what we’ve done for the costume and you’ll probably be seeing TNXB promoted a LOT on my FB and Twitter pages from here on out.

So who are they? Well, these two are pretty freaking AWESOME with leatherwork. They make all kinds of things, ranging from props, wallets, belts, steampunk epicness, etc. If you ever need some leatherwork done, hit these guys up and they will help you out!

Check out their Etsy store and follow them on Facebook! Seriously, they make awesome shit.

TNXB Creations Facebook
TNXB Creations Etsy store

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