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My Journey into Prop Building (Sort Of) and Other Little Updates

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry about that. I’ve been a busy little bee trying to balance boring ol’ work, stressful school work, and still enjoy my hobbies! But because of my lack of postage, you get a nice big update from me!

So while I do cosplay, I will admit that I have not made any of my costumes myself from scratch. Shocking, right? (Not really.) But it is true. I am one of those cosplayers that have researched and researched and researched for a good seamstress and/or prop builder online and commissioned them to make what I’m looking for. Some might not consider me a cosplayer because of that. But I fully believe that I still am one. I just happen to be very limited on sewing and prop building skills.


As of this year, I have begun looking into how to make stuff on my own. My mom helped to push me to this point by buying me a sewing machine for Christmas this past year after I expressed my interest in learning how to sew. While I have used it to alter my Arkham Asylum Harley arm sleeves, I need a lot of practice. However, I am not going to give up so easily! Cosplaying is my passion and I want to add to my skill set and be able to make a costume myself so that I can be even more proud when I am wearing the completed costume! I want to be able to be that person that says “Yes, I totally made this myself” when someone asks me if I did so.

I have also begun looking into prop building. I will soon be embarking on a quest to make my very own Portal 2 Long Fall boots, as well as Arkham City Harley Quinn’s bat, and guns for a project that you will simply have to wait to find out what it is. 😉 However, since these things are my first props ever, I’m not making them from scratch. I have found base items to work off of, such as a foam bat, plastic guns, and regular boots that I will be modding. The construction of the Long Fall boots, however, is not my idea. A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of a man named Sean Bradley who had made a set for someone before. He was kind enough to share the gist of how he did it and shared his pictures and videos of the gal testing out the boots. They’re awesome. I can only hope I will be as successful with mine as he was.

Although I’m not doing this from scratch, I’m still hoping to make these props look awesome in the end. After all, you have to start somewhere, right?! My boyfriend and I are also looking into making a casting of his face for his newest project, which I’m also excited for. HEEHEE!!

As I get these props going, I will be sure to take pics and keep you all updated on my progress. That much I can promise you!

PROPS!!Costuming: An adult’s perfect excuse to buy toys

I have also gotten together with Gaby at Maise Designs for my Arkham City Harley Quinn. She will be constructing the Harley costume for me, but will also be teaching me how to work with Worbla and maybe share a few sewing tips with me as well! I’m very excited to start on the project and she has allowed me to document and write up the progress we have each week. Soon you will be seeing me sporting a new Harley outfit courtesy of Gaby! Please go check out her work and support her! She is a doll for helping me on this.

Last but not least, if you have not been following my Twitter or Facebook page, I have auditioned for the group known as LT3!

LT3 is an all-girl group who have a passion for competitive gaming and professional cosplay. As of right now I have made it into the top 16 and will soon be having my interview with Kat Gunn, founder of the group! Keep an eye out for the video and very soon – if I can get over how embarrassed I am – I will post the Casting Call video that I originally submitted as well. 😛

For now, that is all. This weekend I will be working on some of my props so expect a post in the next two weeks with prop and costume making goodness!

Stay geeky, and thank you for following and supporting me! All of you are awesome. <3

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