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So I got involved with this web series…

I just got back home a little while ago from shooting my short and sweet scene for an upcoming web series called “What Happened to the Gonkers?” You didn’t know I acted did you?

Well I do on occasion. It’s pretty fun.

Anyway, this project is a comedic “mockumentary” of a production of a children’s show called “Boing Gonkers”. The issue here, however, is that the people producing and creating the show have no business making a children’s show… and probably shouldn’t be around children in general. So, as you can imagine, the show was a bust in the end. This web series follows the cast and crew through their journey and the eventual demise of the show.

While I am only in one small scene, I can already tell this show is going to be full of adult humor. In other words, it sounds and looks like its going to be AWESOME.

Unfortunately I have no pictures for you of what went on tonight, but believe me when I say you should totally check into this web series if you’re looking for a good laugh! Want to know more and keep up on Gonker news? Well, we do have a website! Check it out here: Gonkers Website!

Stay tuned through that website for more updates! And as far as here, stay tuned for another Loot Crate review in a couple days!

Until then, stay geeky!

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