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Lindsey Stirling. Just as awesome live as she is in her videos.

This post might be a little less on the costuming geek side and more on the fan girly side. But I couldn’t resist sharing my thoughts on this great artist who I idolize. So here it goes.

If you have ever perused YouTube or Facebook – or the Internet in general – there’s a good chance you may have come across this unique, wonderfully talented violinist named Lindsey Stirling. She is a rising star in the world, with her start to fame possibly beginning on either America’s Got Talent or YouTube. I’m not quite sure myself, but I personally had discovered her via a video showing up in my Facebook stream to one of her music videos of an original piece she composed and played.

As a person who once had a passion for violin, and still do, I was immediately in awe of her talent. Throughout high school I learned to memorize pieces without sheet music in a small group outside of the regular Orchestra class that my instructor put together. There was an attempt to do little dances and such while playing, but in a nutshell, the dancing/playing combo was not very successful for us. So, as you can imagine, I was floored when I saw this girl spinning, dancing, and balancing on one foot with the other stretched up in the air all the while playing at an incredibly fast pace that I, myself, never reached in my time playing.

Lindsey Stirling is amazing. Let’s leave it at that.

Last night, I got the chance to experience an incredible violinist play live at the Marquee in Tempe. Just like in her YouTube videos, Lindsey was all over the stage with awesome dance moves and playing her gorgeous violin. I think she may have played with a few different ones but I can’t recall. (That and I’m short and I was lucky if I even got to see her for more than two seconds before someone’s head got in my way!) Throughout the show she played a majority of her album, announced that she had reached 100,000 sales of her album that day (CONGRATS LINDSEY), AND…. Wait for it….

She fucking playing her Zelda Medley and a cover of Evanescence’s My Immortal, AND a Michael Jackson medley!! As you can imagine, I fan girled hardcore last night. I managed to get a few less than stellar pics of her from last night which I will share with you below. All that I can say about this performance is: If you’re a fan of her work, definitely see her on her next tour. She’s worth it and I am proud of what she has accomplished despite what she had been told by other professionals in the music industry.

She’s amazing. She’s extremely talented. And I wish her all the best on this musical journey. And I hope I get to meet her someday in person.

… Especially if we can run around in Assasssin’s Creed costumes. That’d be badass. Just saying.

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