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Fit for Cosplay: My Bad Habits and What Keeps Me Going


Everyone has their obstacles they must overcome when they decide to make the change to have an active and healthy lifestyle. I am no exception. So what is my biggest obstacle?

Soda. And really any sugar in general.

I suppose you could say I was one of those lucky kids with a crazy high metabolism. I ate like crap every single day. I always went for the nachos or the greasy burger and fries. I also lived off of soda. Seriously, I never drank water. Ever. I never bothered to learn to cook because I was always eating fast food or whatever was in the kitchen that was easy to make (like Mac n Cheese). Yeah. My diet was awful. Yet I never gained weight. It actually wasn’t until about two years ago that I really stayed over 100 pounds consistently.

Part of that was because I gained muscle through my brief training in Taekwondo. Yet as I trained, and then stopped and became lazy again, I realized my tummy was not quite as close to being as flat as it used to be. My thighs jiggled and my triceps were covered by fat that also jiggles and hangs there like a sack of jello. Most people don’t notice it. They still think I’m perfect. But I can see the difference in my body and I know my metabolism is trying to slow down.

So while some people might think I am being ridiculous for wanting to improve myself (mainly because they don’t think I need to), they just need to understand that I have very specific goals regarding what shape I want my body to be in. They also can’t see what I see beneath the clothes when I look in the mirror (just sayin’). I want to be toned. I don’t need to lose weight, but I do need to shed a layer of fat to let some of that muscle that I know is hiding under there to really show. I want sexy arms with a little bit of definition. I want to feel more confident in showing my legs and one thing that would help would be to tone up my thighs.

What it basically comes down to is I just want to take better care of my body than I have been.

So that’s why I decided to make a change; and I decided to use cosplay as my goal and motivation rather than a bikini. But there are those obstacles I must cross as I begin this journey.


I’m going to slowly kick this soda habit, one week at a time.

 Unfortunately, as a result of my poor diet, I have a very large sugar cravings, my teeth need work, and I still have trouble drinking the amount of water I’m supposed to be drinking, to this day.  On top of that, I have gotten use to a very low key, lazy lifestyle that consists of sitting in front of the computer or TV all day rather than getting the hell out there and exercising. A busy work and school schedule does not help this either. I’m usually tired, cranky, and just wanting to lay down and sleep by the end of the day.

It sounds like excuses doesn’t it? Perhaps they are when it comes down to it. But I bet most of you can relate if you have been struggling to work out and eat better too. What it really takes is dedication and motivation. You need to pick a realistic goal and stick to it. If you have a lot of weight to lose, take baby steps. Promise yourself you will lose 2-5 pounds within a month or so. If you’re just trying to tone up and get back to the way your body used to be (kinda like me), then set a long term goal. Perhaps you have an event you want to make sure you look good for. In my case, I would use a convention, especially if I’m making a new costume for said convention. You can set a goal to have a toned tummy or maybe even just toned legs by then. It might be just one section of your body, but it’s still a goal.

The second thing, which sometimes can be a challenge in itself, is to stay motivated. I find that reading others’ stories about what they are doing or what they have achieved in the past helps keep me going. I have an account on a site called Fitocracy where it is nothing but a giant community of other people with one goal, to be fit. It also allows me to track my workouts, give props to other people’s workouts and achievements, gives me quests I can complete with work outs, achievements, challenges, and groups. Believe it or not, there’s even a group on there full of Cosplayers. Imagine that!

I look up to these two. Plus I want Heidi's body. Look at those sexy toned arms! Dem shoulder muscles!

I look up to these two. Plus I want Heidi’s body. Look at those sexy toned arms! Dem shoulder muscles!

Another great idea is to follow your fitness idols. Everyone has probably heard of Chris Powell and his Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition TV show right? The company I work for happens to be the very company that made the product he endorses (Vemma Bod-e). Because of that, I have been able to see him and his beautiful wife around the office, get to learn about them, and I’ve recently taken an interest in both their journeys and their advice that they share on their websites and social media all day. They happen to be my idols, especially Heidi Powell. Even with a child on the way, it doesn’t stop her from being active. It’s truly inspiring to see a woman so dedicated to her healthy lifestyle not just for herself, but her family!

So there you have it. I’ve opened up to you about what obstacles I have to overcome. As I get into a better schedule of posting and have more content to share with you, I’ll try to keep you updated on how I overcome my soda and sugar cravings… as well as how well (or not so well) I do in the kitchen for my healthy meals. Fair warning: I’ll probably burn things more than I will be able to eat them. Not a good sign for a starving college student is it? Eek!

Anyway, I want to know what obstacles you must overcome, how you are overcoming them, and what drives you to stay active! Let me know in the comments below! I’m also open to any advice and tips you may have whether it be for me or someone else. Let’s get a discussion going!

Also if you use Fitocracy, follow my progress! You can find me on there as ittybittygeek!

Lots of geeky love. <3

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  • Reply Jessie Howard September 3, 2013 at 10:00 PM

    HEY CHICK! Chris and Heidi are my idols too. They are so motivational for me! And I absolutely love Chris’s show. It’s an awesome weekly dose of inspiration. 🙂

    If you’re wanting to shred that little bit of excess jiggle and tone up, I highly suggest CrossFit. I think I raved about this to you once before, but I seriously can’t recommend it enough. It’s a real ass-buster, but I’ve been doing it a month now and I’m seeing *BIG* results in my muscle tone. The Powells are big CrossFit enthusiasts — that’s where Heidi gets those great arms!

    As for me, I’ve been on a journey of my own too. At my heaviest, I weighed 285 pounds. That was in the summer of 2011. Over the course of a year or so, I dieted occasionally and managed to get rid of 20 pounds. Then at the beginning of June of this year, I committed to doing it 100% and I’ve lost another 25 pounds since. Not bad for just 3 months! 🙂 I follow a paleo/primal diet, and my only forms of exercise are CrossFit and occasional hikes on the mountain near my house. The weight’s coming off pretty steadily and I’m just now starting to be able to wear clothes I haven’t worn in 4+ years. It’s an awesome feeling!

    I know what it’s like to be up to your eyeballs in BUSY, though, to the point the working on weight loss and exercise is hard to do because you just don’t have the time to think about it. I’m in college OVER full-time, I work part-time, and I help with animal rescue wherever I can (which is like having another part-time job). I also have my at-home responsibilities, which consist of making sure the bills get paid, doing all the cleaning and shopping, taking care of six cats, a dog, a parrot, and a man (they count as pets too, right? XD)…the shit goes on and on. Honestly, I don’t have time to worry about my diet and especially exercise. But you know what? I told myself that that was just a lame excuse, an “easy way out”, and that I wasn’t going to allow myself to fall for that bullshit anymore. There are easy ways to work around a busy schedule if you’re disciplined about MAKING time for it. The paleo diet requires a hell of a lot of preparation and cooking, so I make meals ahead of time and freeze them, or when I cook dinners, I’ll make WAY more than we need so I can just eat leftovers. Salad is one of the easiest, quickest meals ever. I buy the pre-packaged salad greens at the store, I put a shitload of veggies (carrots, bell peppers, etc. etc.) into the food processor and dice them up and then store them in a tupperware bowl so I can just spoon some onto my salads instead of having to chop up veggies all the time, and I buy pre-shredded cheese in the bag. Throw all that shit together on a plate and toss some leftover chicken on top and shazam! Quick and easy, super-healthy lunch or dinner when I don’t feel like cooking. 🙂

    Exercise is a little more challenging to work in there. I don’t have much time to dedicate to it, so when I do have a chance to work out, I make it count. I do exercises that combine both cardio AND strength training. CrossFit is brutally effective for both. And hiking on my local mountain also combines strength training and cardio. So even though I can only exercise a few hours each week, I’m losing weight fast as hell because I’ve got my eating dialed in and my workouts are highly effective for my entire body.

    OMG I’M RAMBLING YOU TO DEATH LOL. Fitness and health are my biggest hobbies/obsessions/whatever you want to call it. I can talk all day about it. XD Seriously, though, if you want to chat about it or get advice/motivation/etc., text me or FB message me! I can also recommend some great resources if you’re interested in learning more about the specific diet I follow too. 🙂

    • ittybittygeek
      Reply ittybittygeek September 3, 2013 at 10:27 PM

      Holy crap lady! That’s awesome! I love hearing about other people’s progress, especially when it comes to family. 😀 It really sounds like you got a system that’s working for you!

      I’ve looked into CrossFit before. It looks like it could be a little dangerous though. I’ve heard that you can definitely injure yourself with this type of workout if you aren’t careful. That and every place that has CrossFit classes here are pretty damn expensive so I didn’t have much of a choice about whether or not I could try it. >_>

      I dunno if you have seen the site, but I recently subscribed to Nerd Fitness. The entire site is dedicated to the active and healthy lifestyle and the guy that created it also follows the Paleo Diet. It seems to be a pretty good diet because I’ve been hearing about it just about everywhere it seems. Isn’t it just trying to eat all organic, natural foods or like essentially what our ancestors used to eat or something? o_o I dunno how to explain it. XD

      Either way I will probably bug you on occasion to go on a tangent about health and fitness stuff! O: I actually do like to talk about this stuff, hence why both my blog posts about “Fit for Cosplay” have been kinda lengthy. XD

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