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College consumes my life

If you all are wondering why I have not had another print sale and all but disappeared from the Internet except for the random posts on social media, here is why:

Stack of note cards with spanish vocabulary on a Spanish Textbook

Spanish Vocabulary

Yeah, you’re probably thinking: “Notecards? Really Nichole? What the hell do notecards have to do with your inactivity?”

That is a lovely stack of flash cards full of Spanish vocabulary that I have to study within a week. For one lesson. There’s over 100 words in that stack that my brain has to magically soak up within 7 days. After that I am forced to assault my brain with another 100+ Spanish words plus grammatical structure.

In other words, COLLEGE CONSUMES MY LIFE. Even in the summer this year.

I am fairly certain the main goal of this last Spanish class is to slowly murder me with stress unless I spend every waking moment outside of my 40 hour work week studying the language.

It’s fun.

… No really. I’m excited.

Excited to BE DONE WITH SPANISH AFTER JULY 17TH. Provided I pass this class. So wish me luck.

Once that’s done I will be busting my booty to get back to the regularly scheduled program of cosplay and other weird shenanigans in my life. Maybe I can actually work out for once.

Because, ya know, college thinks you shouldn’t have enough time to work out either.

During this time period of sparse appearances from me, have these links to awesome, random stuff that entertains me daily (and distracts me from homework when I’m about to go crazy)

King Games (Diamond Digger and Farm Heroes are the best time waster games.)
Simon’s Cat. You should really just watch all of his videos. He’s fantastic.
D Piddy. Another channel where you should watch all of his videos. This one is cosplay-related, I promise. He also inspires me to want to find a cosplay with a mask and act a fool at cons. Costume suggestions welcome.
Jenna Marbles. She doesn’t need an introduction. Just watch her.
The Bloggess. Because yes.

Now back to the mountain of homework. And tears. Many, many tears.

Itty Bitty Geek passed out under textbooks and other homework.

I’m drowning.

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  • Reply baka2xlr June 21, 2014 at 3:19 PM

    I wish you all the best on your Spanish classes and college life. Take care.

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