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My Store is Back!

I know I had been on the fence for a while about whether or not I would continue selling prints. However, you guys have always been very supportive and sweet. I have no idea how I can repay you, but I know you guys have been asking for prints to come back. So, I’ve decided to bring them back!

I will have preorders up for some new prints as well as one or two Limited Edition prints I decided to bring back indefinitely. There are also some $10 prints that I still have on hand. And, of course, a couple new ones!

I’d also like to start making some crafty things on occasion to sell. I will let everyone know when I add a new item to my store. I’m thinking of making little 8-bit pins or magnets or whatever else I can think of with those neat little beads I’ve been playing with lately. 😀

The store is open now, so feel free to go take a look:

Also I HAVE A PO BOX. If you’d like to send me letters or fan art or something, you can send them to the address below! I like chatting with you guys and I don’t know about you, but getting hand-written letters is super exciting, especially in this time where everything is electronic. If you send me a letter, you might just get one back from me. <3

Itty Bitty Geek

PO Box 42274

Mesa, AZ 85274

Thanks everyone for your continued support. I hope to bring you more crafty and cosplay things soon. :3

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