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“Why I Cosplay” – A video by BuzzFeed

I came across this video by BuzzFeed in my Facebook feed today and I felt I immediately had to share. This is a brief, but lovely look into why people cosplay. It’s not for fame or attention. It’s for the love and the community. I totally agree. <3

I love to cosplay because it allows me to be creative and challenges me to get out of my comfort zone by putting myself out there and talking to people and bonding over the characters we may be cosplaying. It helps me be less shy, which is valuable as I get closer to graduating and have to soon look for that “real” job… unless something cooler comes my way before then. I also love to cosplay for kids. I know, that’s weird coming from someone who chooses to be childfree. But there is something about seeing a kid’s face light up with pure joy when they see me dressed as their absolutely favorite character. I get a lot of little hugs and it’s the greatest thing ever.

I originally got into cosplay for charity via the Rebel Legion and the 501st’s Dune Sea Garrison. Not only did I meet my boyfriend, Steven through our charity cosplay groups, but I have also met a ton of amazing, wonderful people and I’ve helped raise money for some really great charities as well as done a hospital visit.

Cosplay has changed my life in a major way. It’s amazing. And I would love nothing more than to continue with the charity work as I learn more sewing and crafting skills.

Watch the BuzzFeed video and share your thoughts. Do you cosplay? Share your reasons why below.

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