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Phoenix Comicon Cosplay Project REVEALED!!

In a world where one epically talented artist and an equally epically talented seamstress came together to collaborate on a concept-to-reality project….



From the incredibly talented mind of Jenevieve Broomall and the swift and steady hands of Maise Designs, the Steampunk X-Men ladies will be appearing at PCC 2015! We aren’t just talking in print form either. Oooohhhh no. There are SIX cosplay ladies that will be modeling these costumes that Maise has been slaving over.

I will be one of these six ladies, sporting the look of Rogue (second on the left)! Joining me will be Natalie Arvizu Cosplay as Psylocke, Sirenita Cosplay as Jean Grey, Katima as Storm, Krash Cosplay as X-23, and Empire Kat Cosplay as Magik. Of course, none of this would not be happening without Jen or Maise so WORSHIP THEM. Or just go say “hi” and “thank you” and “you’re freaking awesome.”

As I get more info on Jen and Maise’s booth numbers and whatnot, I will release details on when you can find all of us models and the two creators closer to PCC! I’m extremely excited and honored to be a part of this big group project and I can’t wait to see all of us together!

For my lovely readers, here’s a peek at my costume so far. The only things that are left to do is style the wig (my job) and some alterations to the gloves with the help of Maise’s husband. You’ll see soon enough. 😀



Keep an eye on my Instagram for photos of the wig as I try to tame that beast and beat it into submission. Seriously…. I have to learn how to cut bangs on a wig now. T_T

Who will I see at PCC?!

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  • Reply baka2xlr May 6, 2015 at 12:41 PM

    Congrats to you being part of that amazing group cosplay project, wishing you and the other 5 ladies all the best on working on those costumes.

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