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Photography: Why I Got on the Other Side of the Camera

Some of you may know about this if you have been paying attention to my Instagram, but I’ve recently started getting into photography. Photography is huge in the cosplay community: cosplayers who choose to sell prints or want to show off their work need more than cell phone photos; photographers love sharing photos of the kickass costumes they see at cons, or like to collaborate on creative photo projects like this one about some cosplayers and photographers teaming up for a cosplay photography project in Iceland. (PS. This is a goal of mine)

We all know I’ve been the model in front of the camera for about two years now. I’ve modeled in and out of costumes just for fun, made some beautiful friendships with photographers, and it’s also helped spread my name here and there. I won’t lie that modeling has given me some pretty cool little opportunities to get in on some fun stuff and I’m forever grateful to those talented people behind the cameras that I’ve worked with!

One of many photoshoots I've modeled in with Adam Patrick Murray

One of many photoshoots I’ve modeled in with Adam Patrick Murray

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE modeling and cosplaying. I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing that. It’s an incredibly fun hobby that I don’t think I can ever give up. Seriously.

However, I’ve always enjoyed being behind the camera as well. When I was an art major, I was actually required to take a photography class as well as a digital photography class. I had tons of fun and learned a lot about both traditional film photography and digital photography! Ever since then I’ve been itching to get into it myself.

Therefore, I’ve added another hobby to my never-ending list of things I like to do!

Now believe me when I say, I am DEFINITELY a giant n00blet at this whole photography thing. The manual setting frightens me to no end and I have already ruined a lot of would-be-amazing photos because my focus was off. But I am learning! I took advantage of a Groupon for $50 that gives me access to an entire online photography course by iPhotography. I just started and so far it looks like a good course. Once I complete it, I’ll probably write about my experience on my photography site I started up. But if you don’t want to wait for that, you can check that out here: Badass Photography Course Groupon

Zelda Paws!

Zelda Paws!

As mentioned above, I did set up a little photography portfolio website separate from this blog where I’ll primarily showcase the photos I’ve taken. Once I get further into it, I’ll probably also share my learning experiences in photography. I’m also still learning my photography style and what I want to photograph most. Right now, I’m experimenting in all sorts of niches such as pets, landscape, and product photography. At some point, I may also dabble in cosplay photography once I get more lenses and some studio equipment (or badass locations to shoot at).

If you want to follow my work, feel free to follow! I’ve already posted up a set of Zelda I’ve taken. They’re pretty amateur, but I’m proud of them. Let me know some feedback if you like; comment on how much you love the photos; share them with your friends and family. Any support is awesome! Maybe at some point, if there is a demand for it, I may offer my own work as prints!

Check out my photography site here: N2 Photo

As always, thanks for all your support! More cosplay stuff soon (and blog posts! I HAVE TIME TO WRITE AGAIN YAY!).

<3 <3

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