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Cosplay Inspiration: Alexandria the Red

Something that I love about the cosplay community is how many amazing people I have met through this hobby. A majority of my friends that I still keep in contact with to this day have come from the costuming community whether it’s through the 501st and Rebel Legion or just people I’ve met at cons or other costuming events. Even my seamstress and I are pretty damn good friends and while we don’t get to see each other too much outside of when we’re working on costumes (my fault really because I’m just so busy), we chat online a lot.

With that being said, I want to begin starting a little series of posts showcasing a cosplayer, seamstress, prop maker, or anyone I’ve met in this community that inspires me. Some of them might be friends of mine, some just might be people I look up to. Either way, they’ve inspired me at some point!

To kick this off, my first inspirational cosplayer is Alexandria the Red!

Our first time meeting at Comikaze 2013

Our first time meeting at Comikaze 2013

We met originally through Instagram and a few months later met for the first time at Comikaze 2013. She was dressed in her original Poison Ivy design and I was in Arkham City Harley. We both kinda fan girled over each other and when we both met up again at Wondercon 2014, we had a quick Gotham Sirens photo with two other friends of ours as Catwoman and another version of Ivy.

Ever since then, we’ve chatted more on occasion and met up at other cons. She is an absolute sweetheart and a true lover of the costuming craft. I follow her progress on her new costumes and she blows me away with her incredible talent. Her Elsa corset took her over 250 hours if I remember correctly because she hand sewed every single sequin onto her corset, plus made everything else, obviously.

Aside from her excellent attention to detail and her knack for making every costume her own unique creation, the girl is one of the most confident women I know. Alex strives to spread positivity and confidence and uses herself as an example. She is a curvy girl and she is proud of it. She shows that you don’t have to look like those photoshopped magazine models to be 100% gorgeous. Plus, she absolutely isn’t afraid to show her sexier side in some of her photoshoots. She’s done a couple of boudoir photoshoots which were totally sexy! She is against body shaming of all types and inspires others to love themselves the way they are. As a bonus, she’s also not afraid to be silly and, like me, loves taking “derp” photos. I think her personality and confidence are my favorite things about Alex and I feel we need more women like her out in the world.

And I mean, come on. The woman is gorgeous. And she knows how to smolder you with those eyes. She’s got sexy eyes. ;D

Alex also has a boyfriend who cosplays with her and oh my god are they freaking adorable together. Their couple cosplay of Captain America and Peggy Carter is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen just as one example. As someone who also cosplays with her boyfriend, I find it incredibly cute to see the two going out there, costuming, and showing their fandom together.

Enough rambling from me. Check out a few other photos I’ve snagged off of her Facebook. After that, go check out her social media pages and follow her. Seriously, she is one of the most inspiring cosplayers I’ve met and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Facebook: Alexandria The Red

Twitter: @AlexandriatheRed

Instagram: @alexandriathered

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