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Origami Owl has changed my life. Here’s why.



Yes, I realize that this is not cosplay-related and a lot of my followers specifically on my social media pages are likely here just for the costumes. I understand that. But I have recently realized a few things in my life that have changed me. I want to not only share with you what this is and also open up and let you know a little more about my life.

Everyone has a calling in their life. A few have found it through the amazing cosplay community and geek pop culture. I will not lie when I say that cosplay has changed my life as well. I met my boyfriend through the costuming community, I’ve been a part of charitable organizations through the Star Wars costume groups, and I’ve met some amazing and highly talented people through this community. However, costuming is only a hobby for me. I am not insanely talented and make my costumes. I don’t have the ability to stay at home and make costumes all day or travel to every convention I want to travel to yet. Cosplay is a hobby – it is not my career. So, naturally, I have to search for what makes me happy as well as what can pay the bills and let me work my own schedule.

I’ve finally found it.

Origami Owl is a company founded on a dream. Our founder, Bella, was 14 years old when she went to her parents and asked for a car for her 16th birthday. As most parents do, they essentially told her to get a job. When babysitting wasn’t cutting it for her, she went back to her mother and asked what she could do to earn enough money to get a car by the time she turned 16. Her mother, Chrissy, helped her to build a custom jewelry business. They originally started by selling custom lockets at a kiosk in the local mall in Arizona as well as doing the in-home parties (think Pampered Chef and Avon parties). But Bella and Chrissy soon knew the amazing opportunity they set before them with these products and decided to launch Origami Owl as a direct sales business.



This was started in 2012. Now in 2015, this company is a multi-million dollar business with Independent Designers starting their own business across the entire US – and now Canada!! Women (and men!) can now start their own business selling custom lockets, earrings, bracelets, and now watches and keychains. But this isn’t just any jewelry business. While one of our main selling points about the jewelry is to tell your story through the jewelry, we stand for so much more. Our mission statement:


I recently attended the Origami Owl National Convention in Chicago. Let me tell you that I have never been more inspired, motivated, accepted, and loved than when I was there with my owl family. I have never seen so many people literally living Origami Owl’s mission statement. Women and men in this company have brought so much good to this world, literally working to be a Force for Good whether it’s through constantly running fundraisers with their business, volunteering, or even just helping someone in need by gifting them a locket that tells their story and letting them know that they are loved and supported.


Origami Owl also partners with Child Help, and organization that aids children that have been victims of child abuse including bullying. Co-founder Chrissy (Bella’s mom) did a talk at convention about statistics of children who are bullied and even mentioned adult bullying as well. It really, really touched me. I will post a video about this movement with Origami Owl and how it touched me later this week, but after hearing Chrissy’s talk as well as hearing one young Owlette’s story about her experiences with bullying and how Origami Owl has helped her become a magnificent, strong, beautiful young lady – I knew this was the place for me.


Coach Dar’s motivational talk as well as an amazing talk from Chris Gardner (author of Pursuit of Happiness) helped me realized this fact…

This is where I belong.

Now believe me when I say I will continue cosplaying for AT LEAST another 5-10 years. My followers and readers are amazing, the community is amazing, and it’s one hell of an awesome hobby to have – even if it gets expensive. But as far as my career, I am working to really get my Origami Owl business off the ground and become fully sustainable to where I can have it as my full time job with a flexible schedule and allow me the ability to work from home.

Not only that, but I want to use my business to spread positivity and love as well as really be a Force for Good. I am aiming to do a lot more fundraisers as I partner with hostesses or organizations to raise funds for those that need it. If you have an organization you’d like to contribute to, please do not hesitate to contact me. We can partner together, and through my sales, I would be happy to donate my commissions to the organization, school program, or rescue of your choice.

I’d also like to be a Force for Good through my costumes as well! I am absolutely considering joining back up in the Star Wars community to do hospital visits and other charity events to just do good in the world. However, I will need a new Star Wars costume for that. 😉

Another goal I have with this business is to build a team and develop my sponsored designers into leaders as well. If you, or someone you know, is looking for an opportunity to have a flexible schedule, some extra income, or maybe you’re a stay-at-home parent that needs the ability to stay at home with your kids at odd hours while still being able to hold a job, or maybe you want to also join me on my path to be a Force for Good and work this business for fundraisers, etc, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.


This opportunity, the incentives, and the meaning behind this business has touched my life and my heart so much that I absolutely have to share not just the jewelry, but the business opportunity with everyone.




For those that have made it through my ramblings on this amazing business venture of mine, thank you! If you want to learn more about the business, have questions about the jewelry, or even if you just went “OMG I NEED THIS. IT’S SO CUTE!!!” and would like to support my business (and therefore help me fund my future costumes too!), visit my Origami Owl website here:

BONUS! Here’s some pictures of my experience at Origami Owl Convention!

IMG_9040 IMG_9038 IMG_9028 IMG_9024 IMG_9020 IMG_9017 IMG_9015 IMG_8999 IMG_8991 IMG_8930 IMG_8908 IMG_8873 IMG_8813


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