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Join Me at Comic & Media Expo’s Pre-Party, Sept 26th!


Sooooooo, Comic & Media Expo will be having a Pre-Party at EndGame, a video game bar located in Tempe, AZ on Saturday, September 26 from 9PM-1AM! The pre-party will be Star Wars themed and if you come in costume, you’ll get discounted drink tickets. WHAAAAAAAAT?! What’s better than getting drunk in a Star Wars costume, you ask? Not much else.

Well maybe unless the Star Wars cast was there getting drunk WITH us. That would be a pretty epic night.

Head on out to the pre-party, come in costume, and you’ll get to hang out with some awesome, local cosplayers such as Sara Moni, Firelight Cosplay, Krash Cosplay, and ElfyAubrie!

Oh and then I guess me too. That’s right. This little recluse is coming out and going to a BAR. ON A SATURDAY. AND DRINKING A LITTLE (But not very much. I don’t party that hard. #sorrynotsorry). If my wonderful boyfriend is able to escape the hectic adulting schedule he currently has, he will also be joining me.

I also heard this really talented photographer named ModelMosa will be there snapping away some photos.  So get some cool photos with me too! 😀 I’m hoping to have a NEW costume done in time for this event. But no promises. Especially since I have very little funds, n00b skills, and very little time. BUT I’m going to try just for you guys.

So come on out if you’re over 21! We’ll drink, play games, and be merry. And we’ll be in Star Wars costumes.

It’ll be fun. You can find more details about the event on the flyer below and on CMX’s Facebook Page.

See you there!


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