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Harley Quinn Inspired Nails by Espionage Cosmetics

Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am a fan of Harley Quinn from the Batman universe. I’ve cosplayed a total of five different version so far with a sixth design coming this year for¬†Phoenix Comicon. ūüėÄ

Naturally, I had to get my hands on these HQ inspired nail wraps from¬†Espionage Cosmetics¬†when I saw them at¬†Comikaze Expo¬†last year. I’ve had these things sitting in my bathroom for a couple months and tonight I finally tried out their nail wraps for the first time.

I’ve had plenty of experiences with nail wraps through the direct sales company,¬†Jamberry Nails, which I’ve been obsessed with. I’m no nail artist (and I admire the hell out of all those women out there that can create mini masterpieces on their NAILS), so having these designs I can slap on my nails with minimal effort and saving me a trip to the nail salon makes me happy. But since Espionage Cosmetics has plenty of designs targeted toward geeks, well… let’s just say I was kinda staring at all the designs like this:


I ended up snagging myself the¬†Nebulae¬†and¬†Harlequin¬†designs. The process between Jamberry wraps and Espionage wraps is a little different.¬†I’ll share the differences and my thoughts below!

So here’s what the Harlequin design looks like on my nails.

espionage cosmetics

Freaking adorable right? I love them! But here’s just a few things that I discovered with my first round of Espionage nail wraps and some thoughts:

  • Geek makeup and nail art? Uhh YES! That’s the thing that drew me to Espionage Cosmetics – they’re a cosmetic company whose audience is geeks, fanboys/girls, cosplayers, and everyone else. They provide designs and colors based off of pop culture fandoms and they are often seen at comic conventions around the world. Being able to blend my love of cosmetics with my passion for the geek community makes my heart stupid happy.
  • My nail beds are too small to hold the entire design. As you can see, some of the designs tended to be cut off such as the diamonds. There also aren’t as many wrap size choices so I would have to cut down the sides on a majority of them. This particular design should be saved for those that like to keep their nails long – whether they’re your natural nail or acrylic/gel with tips.
  • The wraps themselves are very thin and stretch and tear easily. This is great because since my nails are too small for most of the sizes, I could easily size them down and cut off excess with a nail file even on the sides of my nail beds. I had to be careful with this though because on my right hand, I accidentally took off too much on one of my nails.
  • NO heat required to apply these wraps. Jamberry wraps bond to your nail through the method of applying heat and then immediately applying pressure. Espionage wraps are a little different. They do not require heat at all. You simply press them to your nail, file off the excess, and apply pressure to ensure they stick. Instead of using heat to bond them, you apply a top coat.
  • There’s only enough for¬†one manicure. If you’ve ever purchased Jamberry wraps, you get a large assortment of sizes and depending on which sizes match your nails, you can get two full manicures out of one sheet for $15.
  • These wraps do not pucker up or lift on the curve of your nail! As I mentioned earlier, they’re very stretchy. This allows you to stretch the wrap across your nail easier and let it lay flat. While you can also stretch Jamberry wraps as well, I still have had issues with them puckering on the curve sometimes. Espionage wraps have yet to lift and pucker on the edge of my nail so it seems so far that these might last on my nails longer and not get caught in my hair when I’m showering because it lifted.

Comparing the two brands, there are pros and cons to both. However, I believe I will be using both Jamberry and Espionage nail wraps from here on out! I urge you to check them both out.

Have you already had experience with either of these brands? Are you going to try them now after reading this post? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Stay fabulous & geeky! <3


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