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January’s Itty Bitty Beauty Haul

It wouldn’t be a beauty blog without showing off my beauty hauls right?! Because like any makeup-obsessed geek, I like to spend my hard earned money on new and exciting things – like 754903738953 different colors and flavors of lip glosses.

Steve is not a fan of finding a tube of lip gloss everywhere he looks but he’ll survive.

Here’s my first beauty haul of 2016!

Itty Bitty Beauty Haul

Now I’m sure you’re looking at some of this and going “Nichole, wtf is this thing over here?” So let me break them down.

Ipsy Glam BagIpsy Glam Bag

I’m sure you’ve heard of monthly subscription boxes such as Birchbox, Glossybox, Loot Crate, Gamer Crate, and Julep and Ipsy is similar to these in a way. Ipsy is designed to bring you a fun surprise full of deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products monthly based on your profile when you sign up with them. But here’s the best part – it’s only $10/month + FREE shipping! I know, it’s awesome. I couldn’t resist. As someone who loves trying new things when it comes to beauty, I wanted to give this a try and boy my first bag did not disappoint!

I’ll be showing you what’s in the bag later this week, but in the meantime, if you would like to check it out or you just simply love the idea of getting deluxe samples of all kinds of brands for super cheap you can check it out and sign up through my referral link here: Sign up for Ipsy!

Anyone who signs up through my referral link will help me earn free Ipsy bags. Bonus: You will also get a referral link for all of your friends when you fall in love and need to share it with everyone.

Stay tuned to see what I got in this month’s Ipsy bag, plus a bonus on what I’ll be doing with the actual bag – since I already have a makeup bag.

Tyra POP It Clean

Tyra Beauty POP It Clean Makeup Remover Wipes

Last year, Tyra Banks released her own cosmetics line + launched a direct sales business. Part of that line were these makeup remover wipes that come in little single-use, recyclable pods. I have actually wanted to check these out for a while now because the idea of having a convenient makeup remover wipe in a little to-go pod that I could throw in my purse was uh-may-zing. The fact that these pods are recyclable also helped convince me to try them because I know I won’t be adding more unnecessary trash to the world. These useful little babies come in a pack of 12 for $12.50 or you can get a 2-pack (24 pods) for $20.00. Sure, they’re more expensive than my go-to remover wipes from Neutrogena, however it really isn’t that much more since you’re essentially paying for the extra packaging.

Want some of your own? Get it here: POP It Clean Makeup Remover Wipes

Disclaimer: I am a Tyra Beautytainer and I will receive a commission off of every purchase of Tyra Beauty products through my links on this blog.

Tyra Beauty Lip Model - Hater Blocker

Tyra Beauty Lip Model in “Hater Blocker”

Another one of the Tyra Beauty products I sell that I had yet to get my hands on for personal use. We all need a good shade of red lipstick in our lives, right? While I normally use lip stain for my cosplays (especially when I know I’ll be in the costume all day), I like playing with the classic lipstick every now and then for daily looks! The thing that intrigued me about this lipstick is that on top of the red shade, there are actually little flecks of gold glitter that really help your lips shine. Sign. Me. Up. I love sparkly lips. Lip Model also comes in a bright, pretty pink called “What it Takes” but I had to get the “Hater Blocker” because it’s a perfect red shade especially for those days when I want a more vintage look.

Want your own? Get it here: Tyra Beauty Lip Model in Hater Blocker

Disclaimer: I am a Tyra Beautytainer and I will receive a commission off of every purchase of Tyra Beauty products through my links on this blog.

Tyra Beauty Menage Brow

Tyra Beauty Ménage À Brow

Yep you guessed it, more Tyra! But that’s the awesome thing about being a Beautytainer – I get a discount. I also have a confession to make; I absolutely suck at doing my eyebrows. Not kidding. I have ZERO idea what I’m doing when it comes to my eyebrows even when it comes to plucking! If my skin wasn’t so sensitive and didn’t break out every time I wax, I would wax those suckers ALL the time. But more on my stupid skin later.

Anyway, I decided I would try the Menage A Brow from Tyra because it is two-sided and I felt a little more comfortable starting out this way before getting too crazy with powder and brushes and all that. The Menage A Brow has a side that aims to give you a more “natural” look to your eyebrows through a 3-prong brush. Since I’m a n00b when it comes to eyebrows, I wanted to start out with that side before going to the other side that is designed to give you a more defined, bold look to your eyebrows. I got my shade in Brunette since I’m currently rocking a brown-to-blonde ombre hairstyle. I like the idea of this two-sided brow tool which I’ll have to show off at a later date.

Once I practice more. I kinda suck right now. 😛

Want more info? Check it out and/or purchase here: Tyra Beauty Ménage À Brow Pen Duo

Disclaimer: I am a Tyra Beautytainer and I will receive a commission off of every purchase of Tyra Beauty products through my links on this blog.

VS Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Flavored Lip Gloss

So I took advantage of Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale and got myself a new bra (I found the best bra in the world on sale and it was amazing). While I was there, I also happened to notice they had a buy 2, get 2 free deal on their glosses and stains. So what do I do? Well DUH! I go hunting for new flavors/colors! I ended up with 3 glosses and a Lip Stain. I’ve always loved VS’s Beauty Rush lip gloss ever since I was a teen and I probably have about 4 glosses of theirs already – before this purchase.

Let’s be real – I’m a gloss-a-holic.

These three colors are pretty but the flavors sounded absolutely delicious. I’ll let you know how these taste when I break into them! The flavors I got are: “Delish” (red), “Haute Cocoa” (brownish-mauve looking one), and “Pucker Up” (green). Have you tried these already? Or do you have a favorite flavor of Beauty Rush gloss? Let me know in the comments!

VS Beauty Rush Lip Stain

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Stain

As we’ve already established, I adore Beauty Rush by VS. However, until now I have never tried one of their lip stains. I’ve always gone for the flavored gloss. Naturally, when I saw that buy 2, get 2 deal I had to snag this to try. I thought it was a nice pink shade. I’ve actually already opened this one before this post and it also has a subtle, fruity flavor that I love. The stain is also a subtle pink that lasts for quite a while. I’m pretty happy with the choice! Unfortunately as of this writing it does not look like they offer the lip stain on their site anymore. If you want to try it, check your local VS and perhaps you’ll get lucky.

That’s it for this round! Stay tuned to see what’s inside my Ipsy Glam Bag and how I repurposed the adorable bag the samples came in!

Stay fabulous & geeky,

Itty Bitty Geek

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