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2016 Projects & Goals (So Far)

Well we are already half way through February (WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE OMG) and I have a lot of things I want to do in 2016! And I used that particular Batgirl photo as my header because that is my “I’m gonna kick 2016’s ass” pose.

Okay fine it’s just a cool freaking photo and I wanted to use it. Sue me.

To hold myself accountable – and hopefully force myself to make some time to make sure everything happens THIS year – I wanted to share with you my goals for 2016 in cosplay, photography, and anything else!

Cosplay Projects

Well thankfully, one project is already done! Just yesterday at Amazing AZ, I debuted my Jessica Jones costume. I wanted to have a nice, easy, relatively comfortable costume to wear plus I absolutely loved the Netflix show. The costume was fun, albeit a little warm with the AZ weather, and I even found a Kilgrave at Amazing AZ to take some hilarious photos with! Check it out if you haven’t seen it already on my social media:

IMG_0396 IMG_0399

Rey: Yup like everyone else, I want to make a Rey costume! I’m actually building off of the Halloween costume bag version of her costume and replacing some pieces with more quality materials. I’m also taking my vibro axe I used with Slave Leia and repurposing it for Rey. I’ve missed having a Star Wars costume to wear and well, Rey’s a badass. So of course I’m going to do this costume! I also kinda want to do the outfit she wore at the end of the movie but that one may have to wait until I have funds and/or skills.

Secret PCC group project: Remember the Steampunk X-Men Ladies group we did last year for PCC? No? Let me refresh your memory:

Photo by Grant Brummett

Photo by Grant Brummett

Okay NOW that you remember that, I can tell you that we are doing another one!! Right now the details are under wraps, but it will be another collaboration between Jenevieve Broomall (designing the looks), Maise Designs Seamstress (making the costumes), and five cosplayers (we’re modeling and assisting Maise in the creation of our costumes) to bring you original designs of some beloved characters!

I’ll give you one little spoiler – I’ll be Harley again! 😀

Photo Projects

Cosplay Photography: Well, other than my projects for class – which I will share either here or on my Flickr or something – I do have an idea that spawned from my recent portrait project that I would love to do outside of class! It is cosplay related and I hope to begin with my own friends before I branch out to cosplayers I don’t know or my idol cosplayers. This idea I have in mind will also require me to learn some more intermediate/advanced photoshop skills to pull it off but I’m hoping my idea will turn out the way I’m envisioning it!

Stay tuned here to see more details on that as I eventually start it!

Other Photography: I do like to shoot things other than cosplay, after all. I’ve been looking at other photographers’ work here and there and I absolutely want to do creative, artistic photos like milk bath photoshoots and other interesting and creative portraits. I’ve even been toying around with the idea of venturing into newborn photoshoots, wildlife photography, and maybe an emotional journey type of theme. Something deep. But I have to think about how to go about doing something like that and if I want to do self-portraits or try to find a model or two to help me visualize the idea.

Fitness Project

Yep. This one is the toughie that I’ve always struggled with. I don’t know how many times I’ve posted or said “I’m going to start working out!” and then never do, or only do it for like a week. I just can’t help it when it comes to unhealthy food too. When it comes to pizza, chips, and ALL of the sweets I’m like:


HOWEVER, I have until PCC to get my ass in gear and get my body to where I want it. Why? Well, that PCC project I mentioned above. The costume I’ll be wearing will be showing off my midriff and honestly, I want my tummy to look amazing. Not okay. Not good enough as long as I am mindful of my posture. No I want that bitch to be flat and wonderful and HAWT.

So to make sure I don’t look like a potato, I’m going to be busting my ASS starting in March (because two of my classes will be over THANK GOD) to get myself out of Potato zone and into Flat Belly zone. Also it’s time to start weening myself off of sweets (the hardest part for me, not gonna lie).

Another reason is because I really do want to love my own body and right now I honestly don’t. But I won’t get too deep on you guys today. I’ll save that for another day when I feel more comfortable spilling out my feelings if I ever do.


Yeah. So. That’s it. Goals and projects! I hope you’re excited to see what craziness I create for you in terms of photographs and costumes. If you are, feel free to subscribe to my blogs or like all my social media pages!

Thanks for reading,


Header photo by the amazing Tony Julius!

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