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[PRODUCT REVIEW] Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub

So let’s talk about this lip scrub.

I received a decently sized sample of the Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub in my Ipsy bag in January to try. I had never actually used a lip scrub before and I wasn’t sure which brand to try anyway, so I was happy to receive my first one through Ipsy. I’ve tried it for a couple weeks now and….

I freaking LOVE it!

The way to use a lip scrub is simple – or at least Hanalei’s is. You simply rub some on your finger, apply it to your lip, let it exfoliate, and wipe off with a tissue. The packaging doesn’t tell you how long to keep it on, but to make sure my lips are nice and exfoliated during these dry winter months, I’ll go ahead and leave it on for a few minutes while I’m applying other makeup before wiping it away.

The best part? According to their website, Hanalei’s products are paragon-free and they aim to use all natural ingredients which makes me a happy beauty geek. This lip scrub uses real Maui sugar crystals, shea butter, vitamins, and pure kukui nut oil. However, because of the kukui nut oil, Hanalei recommends avoiding this product if you happen to have a nut allergy.

Pro tip: Exfoliated lips are pretty much essential if you like to wear matte lipstick. You don’t want your lipstick revealing just how chapped or dry your lips are; trust me, it makes me feel incredibly self-conscious when my lipstick points out how bad my lips look because I’m too lazy to make sure I have chapstick on all the time.

Every day that I feel like slapping on some matte lipstick, I make sure to reach for my Hanalei scrub first while I’m getting ready so my lips look soft and kissable! I did mention that I’ve been using it for a few weeks – but I still have plenty left so this stuff lasts a while too. That makes the $20 price worth it to me – I love when expensive skin care products actually last quite a while.

Want to see a pic? Keep an eye on my Instagram this week. I’ll show just how good my lips are looking now that I’m getting into better skincare habits! 😉

Want to try the lip scrub for yourself? Get it here: Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub


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