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Highlight of my PHXCC 2016: Interviewing Pierce Brown

photo credit: Joan Allen Photo

Okay so there were honestly a lot of highlights for me at Phoenix Comicon this year. The group costume project was AMAZING. I felt like a total badass in my Cyberpunk Harley and I had a total blast taking my seamstress’ five year old around as my little mini Harley.

But the bookworm in me had a dream come true. Thanks to my AWESOME friend Stitch with Fanboy Rant, I was able to join him in his interview with the original Howler himself, Pierce Brown and his editor Mike Braff on Sunday of Phoenix Comicon. We talked about the book mostly but unfortunately, due to his busy schedule with signings, didn’t get to focus on the man behind the Red Rising trilogy. Stitch and I sincerely hope we’ll be able to do a part II to the interview with these guys in the future, but for now, give it a listen below.

And if you haven’t read the Red Rising trilogy yet… WHY HAVEN’T YOU? GET ON IT.

But seriously, it’s one of my favorite series right next to the Harry Potter series. And that’s saying a lot.

Go check out and subscribe to the Fanboy Rant Podcast on any of the following networks! This guy has some awesome plans in the works:




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Booking Through Thursday #1

I love book blog memes! They’re great because you can share things about yourself or your reading habits and fandoms with your readers PLUS you get to find other book bloggers to follow and geek out with. Who wouldn’t love that?

So as part of my goal to begin really blogging every week, I’m jumping on the weekly meme called Booking Through Thursday! It’s weekly meme that provides a question for you to answer on your own blog, usually about reading and books. Then you link up on the main meme page and see what other people’s answers are on their own blogs. Anyone can join in – it’s all about having fun!

Anywho, onto the question. This week’s question is:

How often (if ever) do you weed out your library?

Well, honestly the idea of having to get rid of any books makes me sad. I’ve always dreamed of having my very own library in my house since I was a girl. Unfortunately, my boyfriend’s house does not have enough rooms to allow me to have such a thing so most of my books were donated or put into storage when I moved in with him.

But this is why I started getting into ebooks and audiobooks, and why I now love my Kindle Fire. I never have to get rid of books ever again! YAAASS. As of now, I don’t really ever weed out my books.

How about you? Do you ever go through your books and donate/give them away? Or are you a fan of ebooks too?