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2016 Projects & Goals (So Far)

Well we are already half way through February (WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE OMG) and I have a lot of things I want to do in 2016! And I used that particular Batgirl photo as my header because that is my “I’m gonna kick 2016’s ass” pose.

Okay fine it’s just a cool freaking photo and I wanted to use it. Sue me.

To hold myself accountable – and hopefully force myself to make some time to make sure everything happens THIS year – I wanted to share with you my goals for 2016 in cosplay, photography, and anything else! Continue Reading

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Cosplay Makeup Tip: My Harley Quinn Foundation!

Ever since I first debuted my Arkham City Harley in 2013 (or was it Arkham Asylum Harley in 2012?) I’ve gotten quite a few requests about which foundation I use for the costume! Usually when you see Harley costumes, you usually see stark white faces akin to her classic jester look. Those looks are usually achieved with a cream makeup of some kind or even clown makeup! I think this is perfect for her classic look!

However, the Harley costumes I have I felt needed a bit of a different look. In the game I noticed while her face was noticeably white, but I didn’t feel like it was cream makeup she would have used for these looks. Plus whenever I really take a look at her design in-game I tend to notice a little bit of her skin tone showing through the white which you can achieve with a face powder very easily.

Source: Batman Arkham City Wiki

Source: Batman Arkham City Wiki

Therefore, instead of using any cream makeup, I actually use Ben Nye’s Super White Professional Face Powder. I use this for a number of reasons with the first being that Ben Nye makeup is designed for the theatre stage. Think about it – when you’re on stage under a lot of lights (which means a lot of heat and sweating) and more often than not as a performer you’re on the stage for a couple of hours, you need a makeup that will last.

Photo: York in a Box. Harley costume: Maise Designs

Photo: York in a Box. Harley costume: Maise Designs

The other reason why I use the powder is because I have more control over how opaque I want the white powder to be on my skin. Most of the time, I put about 2-3 coats of the face powder so that my face is pretty white, but my skin tone still shows through a little bit as well! Right now I have the .9 ounce bottle and it has lasted quite a while. I found mine at a local costume shop, however you can find them in various sizes online on Amazon as well as here: Ben Nye Face Powder.

So there you go! That’s what I use for all of my Harley costumes.

Have more questions about what I use for my Harley makeup? Feel free to ask in the comments!

Photo by Tony Julius Photography. Batman cosplayer: San Tan Batman

Photo: Tony Julius Photography. Batman cosplayer: San Tan Batman. Harley costume: Maise Designs

Stay fabulous & geeky,


Header image by Grant Brummett <3

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Join Me at Comic & Media Expo’s Pre-Party, Sept 26th!


Sooooooo, Comic & Media Expo will be having a Pre-Party at EndGame, a video game bar located in Tempe, AZ on Saturday, September 26 from 9PM-1AM! The pre-party will be Star Wars themed and if you come in costume, you’ll get discounted drink tickets. WHAAAAAAAAT?! What’s better than getting drunk in a Star Wars costume, you ask? Not much else.

Well maybe unless the Star Wars cast was there getting drunk WITH us. That would be a pretty epic night.

Head on out to the pre-party, come in costume, and you’ll get to hang out with some awesome, local cosplayers such as Sara Moni, Firelight Cosplay, Krash Cosplay, and ElfyAubrie!

Oh and then I guess me too. That’s right. This little recluse is coming out and going to a BAR. ON A SATURDAY. AND DRINKING A LITTLE (But not very much. I don’t party that hard. #sorrynotsorry). If my wonderful boyfriend is able to escape the hectic adulting schedule he currently has, he will also be joining me.

I also heard this really talented photographer named ModelMosa will be there snapping away some photos.  So get some cool photos with me too! 😀 I’m hoping to have a NEW costume done in time for this event. But no promises. Especially since I have very little funds, n00b skills, and very little time. BUT I’m going to try just for you guys.

So come on out if you’re over 21! We’ll drink, play games, and be merry. And we’ll be in Star Wars costumes.

It’ll be fun. You can find more details about the event on the flyer below and on CMX’s Facebook Page.

See you there!


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Cosplay Inspiration: Alexandria the Red

Something that I love about the cosplay community is how many amazing people I have met through this hobby. A majority of my friends that I still keep in contact with to this day have come from the costuming community whether it’s through the 501st and Rebel Legion or just people I’ve met at cons or other costuming events. Even my seamstress and I are pretty damn good friends and while we don’t get to see each other too much outside of when we’re working on costumes (my fault really because I’m just so busy), we chat online a lot.

With that being said, I want to begin starting a little series of posts showcasing a cosplayer, seamstress, prop maker, or anyone I’ve met in this community that inspires me. Some of them might be friends of mine, some just might be people I look up to. Either way, they’ve inspired me at some point! Continue Reading

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8 Reasons Why I Cosplay

We all have our reasons why we cosplay! But sometimes, the cosplay community can be a little negative and can make people – even me – want to quit the hobby. I mean, I don’t make my own costumes. I just wear them. And while I’ve been trying to learn, I’m still at a point where I can probably walk away and refocus my time elsewhere if I wanted. Continue Reading