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Join Me at Comic & Media Expo’s Pre-Party, Sept 26th!


Sooooooo, Comic & Media Expo will be having a Pre-Party at EndGame, a video game bar located in Tempe, AZ on Saturday, September 26 from 9PM-1AM! The pre-party will be Star Wars themed and if you come in costume, you’ll get discounted drink tickets. WHAAAAAAAAT?! What’s better than getting drunk in a Star Wars costume, you ask? Not much else.

Well maybe unless the Star Wars cast was there getting drunk WITH us. That would be a pretty epic night.

Head on out to the pre-party, come in costume, and you’ll get to hang out with some awesome, local cosplayers such as Sara Moni, Firelight Cosplay, Krash Cosplay, and ElfyAubrie!

Oh and then I guess me too. That’s right. This little recluse is coming out and going to a BAR. ON A SATURDAY. AND DRINKING A LITTLE (But not very much. I don’t party that hard. #sorrynotsorry). If my wonderful boyfriend is able to escape the hectic adulting schedule he currently has, he will also be joining me.

I also heard this really talented photographer named ModelMosa will be there snapping away some photos.  So get some cool photos with me too! 😀 I’m hoping to have a NEW costume done in time for this event. But no promises. Especially since I have very little funds, n00b skills, and very little time. BUT I’m going to try just for you guys.

So come on out if you’re over 21! We’ll drink, play games, and be merry. And we’ll be in Star Wars costumes.

It’ll be fun. You can find more details about the event on the flyer below and on CMX’s Facebook Page.

See you there!


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Phoenix Comicon 2015 Costume Lineup, Panels, and Booths!


Phoenix Comicon starts TODAY! It’s been a long wait, but totally worth it. If you’re going to be there, I will actually be in a few places that you can find me and say hi! I’m happy to say that both Tony Julius and Maise Designs will be allowing me to crash at their booth for a little while, sell prints, take pics, and generally cause shenanigans. 😀 Continue Reading

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Wondercon 2015 Recap

Wondercon Logo

Last weekend, I was roaming around Wondercon. Now that I have gone into full blown con withdrawal, I wanted to share the pictures I took during the weekend of some cool costumes and my loot. I ended up only costuming for about 2 hours out of all three days. I had Pirate Harley Quinn on Saturday for a few hours. It was fun, but I find that when the group of people I go with don’t costume or we are all separating and running off in different directions, I don’t have nearly as much fun in costume. Plus, I just wasn’t feeling it this past weekend. I didn’t even do the entire make up that I usually do for Harley costumes. Continue Reading

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Find Us at WonderCon 2014!

Nichole/Itty Bitty Geek and Steven/CrouchCreative dressed as Arkham City Harley and New 52 Joker taking a picture with a small boy dressed as Joker

I love making kids smile, but sometimes they make me smile right back. This little guy was adorable!

In just a few days I get to escape my normal, boring schedule and immerse myself in a world full of cosplay, fandom, and all around geekery. I will be able to meet up with friends I’ve met at Comikaze as well as finally meet online friends in person and fangirl over each others’ costumes! But, most importantly, I get to be around my people. One of my favorite parts of roaming the convention floor is moments like this picture of Steven and I at Comikaze!

I know some of you amazing people would like to find Steven and I at WonderCon. We don’t have a booth, because we just simply do this as a hobby. However, we will be in a few places where you might be able to find us while in costume (or why you might not be finding us because we are resting/attending panels).


  • Primarily roaming in Arkham City Harley. Steven will not be cosplaying.
  • 4pm – Gotham Sirens photoshoot.
  • 6pm – World Premiere: Son of Batman (because I can’t miss seeing this!)


  • Roaming in Arkham Knight Harley Quinn. Steven will be in New 52 Joker.
  • 1-2pm – Hanging around at Kotobukiya Booth
  • 2-3pm – DC Photoshoot
  • 3-4pm – Attending DC Comics: The New 52
  • 4-5pm – Batman 75th Anniversary

The only request we have is that if you find us at a panel, please wait to request a picture before or after the panel. We don’t want to be rude to others that are there to enjoy the panel and we don’t want to miss what’s going on either! Otherwise, don’t be afraid to say hi and ask for a picture. We don’t bite, much!

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Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2013: Wrap-up and Pictures!

Now that I’ve ventured into the world of Comikaze for the first time, came home, got back to reality, and suffered through my post-Con depression, it’s time to share my adventures and pictures!

And then start with the Con withdrawals until January.

This was my first year at Comikaze and I can tell you that it definite did not disappoint! I had an absolute blast, met a few awesome actors, got to be in a giant photoshoot, and I was able to bring out the Arkham City Harley Quinn again!

Continue Reading

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I suddenly want to learn to Parkour…

The guy cosplaying as Edward in this video is extremely talented with his Parkour skills. And after watching this epicness unfold, I suddenly want to learn this myself.

And then I want to make an assassin costume.

And then I want to climb buildings and jump over things to scare the shit out of unsuspecting people.

It would be awesome. But enough of that! Check it out as Edward flies through San Diego seemingly effortlessly!