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Elizabeth’s Pendants. Which one did you choose?


So I had posted this picture up yesterday on my Instagram and Facebook of the pendants from Bioshock Infinite and got a few actual responses on which one people would choose. If you have played the game or even just read about it, you probably know that you make a choice on which pendant Elizabeth should get. There’s also significant meanings to the pendants when you really think about it.

So I’m curious to know from all my readers out there…

“Which one do you like more?”

Answer below in the comments! I want to see if the Songbird or the Cage is the more popular choice!

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My Journey into Prop Building (Sort Of) and Other Little Updates

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry about that. I’ve been a busy little bee trying to balance boring ol’ work, stressful school work, and still enjoy my hobbies! But because of my lack of postage, you get a nice big update from me!

So while I do cosplay, I will admit that I have not made any of my costumes myself from scratch. Shocking, right? (Not really.) But it is true. I am one of those cosplayers that have researched and researched and researched for a good seamstress and/or prop builder online and commissioned them to make what I’m looking for. Some might not consider me a cosplayer because of that. But I fully believe that I still am one. I just happen to beĀ very limited on sewing and prop building skills.

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