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Phoenix Comicon 2015 Costume Lineup, Panels, and Booths!


Phoenix Comicon starts TODAY! It’s been a long wait, but totally worth it. If you’re going to be there, I will actually be in a few places that you can find me and say hi! I’m happy to say that both Tony Julius and Maise Designs¬†will be allowing me to crash at their booth for a little while, sell prints, take pics, and generally cause shenanigans. ūüėÄ Continue Reading

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My Store is Back!

I know I had been on the fence for a while about whether or not I would continue selling prints. However, you guys have always been very supportive and sweet. I have no idea how I can repay you, but I know you guys have been asking for prints to come back. So, I’ve decided to bring them back! Continue Reading

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Wondercon 2015 Recap

Wondercon Logo

Last weekend, I was roaming around Wondercon. Now that I have gone into full blown con withdrawal, I wanted to share the pictures I took during the weekend of some cool costumes and my loot. I ended up only costuming for about 2 hours out of all three days. I had Pirate Harley Quinn on Saturday for a few hours. It was fun, but I find that when the group of people I go with don’t costume or we are all separating and running off in different directions, I don’t have nearly as much fun in costume. Plus, I just wasn’t feeling it this past weekend. I didn’t even do the entire make up that I usually do for Harley costumes. Continue Reading


Why Commissioning Costumes ISN’T Bad

For those that have followed me for some time know very well that I don’t make my own costumes. Recently, my seamstress and I sat down with Forget to Fall Productions¬†and made a video where we generally acted like fools and rambled about why you SHOULDN’T be afraid to commission your costume for cosplay!

So what was the main lesson here? Cosplay is about HAVING FUN. Don’t let your lack of skills stop you from having fun if you want to run around in costume, especially if you’re impatient – like me. I also do this purely as a hobby. Cosplay is not my career nor do I make money from it other than a couple of print sales in the past.

Have any questions still about commissioning or why I do it? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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First Ever Print Sale Going on NOW!

Five photos of limited edition prints available in store

All five Limited Edition Prints!



After many requests from all of you, I finally caved and brought you a great little selection of my three best costumes in the form of 11×17 prints! My store opened on May 8th, and the sale will be running until May 16th! Please note that all print orders are a preorder. Since this is my first time doing this, I wanted to try and keep it easy and be able to get everything done at once. This will not only help save on time, but also will be more cost effective for everyone. I will continue updating everyone who orders prints here and on my social media as I get everything together.

If you want to order, you have until the 16th! So get your booty on over to and check out some awesome posters!

So far I’ve gotten quite a few orders and I do want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I can assure you the money I make from these sales will help me tremendously. Not only will I be able to put a dent in my debts for college, but I will also be able to funnel extra funds right back into new costumes to share with you all! Costumes means more WIPs, means more blog posts. With summer upon me, I hope to be able to bring you a lot more new and fun stuff with my costuming hobby. Maybe soon I can even bring you more from my pudding’, Steven as well!

A few quick notes about the sale:

  • The limited edition prints are ONLY for this sale. If you want them, I recommend getting them now! Depending on popularity and demand, a few of them¬†may come back for future sales. But for now, this is it for those LE prints!
  • Every print will come signed. However, if you want it personalized, let me know in the order notes!
  • Already ordered and forgot to say you wanted personalization? No problem! Email me at with your first and last name and order# and I will make sure to put something on your order for you. I’ve already gotten one.
  • Fair warning, my doodles are awful. If you request a doodle, it might look like a toddler drew it. LOL. But I will try my best for you. <3
  • Keep an eye here and on my social media for updates once the sale is over!
  • Have more questions? You can also check out my FAQ Page.

Again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your continued support, wonderful comments, and silly pictures you all send me. I would not be here without you guys and I am eternally grateful for all the love you show me.

One more thing, please give a HUGE round of applause and thanks to my photographers and my seamstress for doing all this with me as well. Without Gabby, I would not have two (soon to be three!) absolutely amazing Harley Quinn costumes and without Adam Patrick Murray and York in a Box, I would not even have these GORGEOUS photos to turn into prints for all of you! They are amazing, incredibly talented people and they deserve all the love you can give. Feel free to check out their Facebook pages and/or websites here:

Stay tuned for more shenanigans!

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Prints Coming Soon!

As of April 26th, I hit 5,000 followers on Facebook. To me, that is absolutely insane and I am overwhelmed by the support all of my readers have brought me. I know I haven’t always been very active online for you guys in terms of blog posts. I’m also limited in my skills, funds, and time for new costumes. Yet, here you all are, still sticking with me, having conversations, supporting me, saying hi to me at conventions, and just flooding my social media pages with love. I feel so grateful for all of you here, and I feel it’s time to return the favor.


That’s right, ladies and gents. I’m putting on my big girl pants and diving into the world of selling pictures of my little ol’ self. I’m working on setting up my store this weekend in preparation for my first print sale EVER. Since this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, please bare with me! I’m also trying to make this as easy as possible for the both of us. So here’s how it’ll all go down for this first run:

1. I will open my store for 4 full days, from Thursday to Sunday. I’ll announce when I’ll be opening it at least a week beforehand to give you all a heads up. I’m hoping to have this first run within the next two weeks! There will be prints of Arkham City and Arkham Knight Harley as well as Slave Leia.

2. Once the sale is over, I’ll send my order off to my printer. That means that everything IS a pre-order! I don’t have print stock on hand. I also will have to get orders in for poster tubes and labels and whatnot. I will keep you all updated on orders via social media as much as possible.

3. Once everything is in, I will process orders as soon as I can. Since all prints will come signed, I expect to have a very cramped hand by the end of that day.

4. Emails will be sent once prints are shipped.

5. We can all rejoice because there are finally prints available from THE Itty Bitty Geek! Holy crap!

So that’s that. I’m hoping this will run smoothly and I will do my best to get orders processed as soon as humanly possible after each print run I do. This first run is kind of a test so we both know what to expect each time I do a sale.

Please note there¬†WILL be limited edition prints that will only be available ONCE during the print sale. Once it’s over, it won’t be back. I’ll let you all know which ones are limited edition before the sale hits so you can decide whether or not you want to set some money aside for it.

Want a specific photo as a print? Feel free to request it and I’ll consider it for future print sales.

And again, thank you all SO much for your continued support. I’ll be bringing you more Harley costumes, blog posts, and other fun stuff as soon as I can. <3

Stay geeky.

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Find Us at WonderCon 2014!

Nichole/Itty Bitty Geek and Steven/CrouchCreative dressed as Arkham City Harley and New 52 Joker taking a picture with a small boy dressed as Joker

I love making kids smile, but sometimes they make me smile right back. This little guy was adorable!

In just a few days I get to escape my normal, boring schedule and immerse myself in a world full of cosplay, fandom, and all around geekery. I will be able to meet up with friends I’ve met at Comikaze as well as finally meet online friends in person and fangirl over each others’ costumes! But, most importantly, I get to be around my people. One of my favorite parts of roaming the convention floor is moments like this picture of Steven and I at Comikaze!

I know some of you amazing people would like to find Steven and I at WonderCon. We don’t have a booth, because we just simply do this as a hobby. However, we will be in a few places where you might be able to find us while in costume (or why you might not be finding us because we are resting/attending panels).


  • Primarily roaming in Arkham City Harley. Steven will not be cosplaying.
  • 4pm – Gotham Sirens photoshoot.
  • 6pm – World Premiere: Son of Batman (because I can’t miss seeing this!)


  • Roaming in Arkham Knight Harley Quinn. Steven will be in New 52 Joker.
  • 1-2pm – Hanging around at Kotobukiya Booth
  • 2-3pm – DC Photoshoot
  • 3-4pm – Attending DC Comics: The New 52
  • 4-5pm – Batman 75th Anniversary

The only request we have is that if you find us at a panel, please wait to request a picture before or after the panel. We don’t want to be rude to others that are there to enjoy the panel and we don’t want to miss what’s going on either! Otherwise, don’t be afraid to say hi and ask for a picture. We don’t bite, much!

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Cosplay Inspiration Sunday: Jessica Nigri

I would like to try something new. I have recently come to realize that I do not share or post about other cosplays and cosplayers that inspire me or that I just absolutely fall in love with when I see their work. The cosplay community can be a highly supportive community despite some of the negative things that go on and I want to help support my fellow cosplayers no matter if they are a “newbie” cosplayer, or someone prominent in the community.

So from this day forward, I vow to try and share cosplays on my social media as well as here of various cosplayers that I have come across throughout the week that I love as well as share a cosplayer or two that inspire me with their work!

Continue Reading