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Remembering Grant Brummett: Photographer, Friend, Family Man, and a Beautiful Soul

“You know I am always so honored when you guys use my photos as your profile pictures. It tells me I did a great job,” Grant said with a grin on his face.

I smiled back, “It’s because you’re so talented! You know how to make me look good. I LOVE the Batgirl photos. You’re amazing.” We were walking around to the side of the Mesa Convention Center on Sunday of Comic & Media Expo to get some quick photos of my classic Harley costume and chatting about the photos he had taken the day prior. It was the first time I had worn Batgirl and he was the very first photographer to capture photos of the costume. I had been so giddy when he shared the photos with me that same night and he had shared my excitement via Facebook chat.

That was one of the last conversations I had had with Grant Brummett, who seemed so full of life and absolutely excited to try out a new photo technique of compositing a cosplayer’s costumes together. I remember thinking it was super sweet that he got excited over something as seemingly simple as choosing his work as a profile photo on a website. But it really did mean something to him, because he loved his photography work that much. Continue Reading