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January Ipsy Glam Bag Reveal

Happy Saturday! Are you ready to see what’s in the Ipsy Glam Bag I received this month? ME TOO!

As mentioned in my beauty haul post earlier this week, this is my first glam bag I’ve received. I decided to sign up after seeing the things my mom got in previous months and briefly chatting with her about how she likes Ipsy. If you don’t know what it is, Ipsy is a monthly subscription where you receive deluxe and full-size samples of great beauty products. It gives me the chance to try new things and discover new brands. The subscription is $10/month + FREE shipping. Knowing that a lot of these products you get samples of cost much more than $10 most of the time, I thought “That’s a smokin’ deal! Sign my ass up!!”

So now it’s time to check out the goods! Look at this awesome stuff: Continue Reading

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October Loot Crate Unboxing … IN COSPLAY!

I’m finally doing another unboxing video, and this time I decided to have fun with it. I made the decision to join Loot Crate in October of 2012. Little did I know the epic loot, the amazing community, and the fun I would have with this subscription box! Even when I decided to move out on my own (and ultimately finding myself budgeting super hardcore), I still made sure I would be able to afford my Loot Crate. The whole thing is just too awesome.

So, since this is my “one year anniversary” crate, I decided to make an unboxing video in cosplay. Not just any cosplay either; I dolled myself up with a pound of make-up to become Harley Quinn. It was fun, and it allowed me to realize what I needed to replace make-up-wise before Comikaze next weekend. HA!

So enjoy the video below!

I do apologize for the lack of HD-quality or any possible audio issues. I had technical difficulties which I’ll have to fix for whatever video I make next.

Did you enjoy a cosplay unboxing video? Want to see me do it again? Let me know in the comments and maybe I’ll unbox future crates in costume.

Want to get in on the Loot Crate boxes of awesome? Then click here and subscribe today!

I’ll post more updates soon. Stick around! <3

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A Loot Crate Twofer: Part One

Between the end of the spring semester at college and Phoenix Comicon, I pretty much failed at delivering my monthly review of Loot Crate for you guys. But to make it up to you, I’m doing a two-part review of both May and June’s crates! <3

First up is May’s crate. The theme for that crate was Equip. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect with this month’s crate considering “equip” usually makes me think about armor and weaponry for my character in a game, but I doubted they had boxes big enough to hold a sword among all the other stuff they send (though I was secretly wishing they did). Continue Reading

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Arcade Time with Loot Crate!

Another month means another Loot Crate!!

And now that I’ve finally just about freed myself from the crippling death-grip that is college for the summer, I can finally reveal the epic things that popped out of the box this month!

So, for all new followers and curious folk, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box geared toward geeks and gamers. I know, it’s a dream come true right? I have been with Loot Crate now since October and I have to say that they have yet to disappoint me with their amazing crates.

But I know you didn’t come here to just hear about it. You want reviews, pictures, and geek outs! So here we go! Continue Reading

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Sometime in March, amidst the massive piles of homework and the mountain of job work that threaten to bury me alive on a daily basis, I was gifted with another lovely box o’ loot. And while I present to you this March Loot Crate (in April, I know. Shhhh…) I still hope you enjoy the read!

Theme: COSMOS Continue Reading

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On occasion I make videos while I unbox epic things!

Hi guys!

I know you might be waiting for my newest Loot Crate review, which I just received today! Well, for now you will have to wait for the actual review. But in the meantime, enjoy this unboxing video! You can see how much of a goofball I am when I’m excited, how much I ramble, and – of course – the epic things I received today.


So without further ado, here is the video!

Hope you enjoy my shenanigans and stay tuned for the written review of the items!

Stay geeky!

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Guess Who’s Got More LOOT!!

Hello all! It’s been a while! Too long, in fact. And I’m really sorry about that! ;-;

However, I am back and with a LOOT CRATE! And, as you can imagine, the lovely people that provide us with these monthly crates of epicosity (thanks Tobuscus for that term) have once more outdone themselves! So I won’t keep you waiting in anticipation any longer. Here’s the February Loot Crate!!

Theme: Doctor

That’s right. This month they went with a doctor theme for the crate. I’m sure you’re all thinking “Well then it’s all gotta be Doctor Who related, right?!” WRONG. They actually brought together a few items from a few different doctors!


TARDIS Prime Shirt – GraphicLab Tees

This shirt brings in a crossover of epic proportions. Who would have known the time-traveling ship known as the TARDIS was actually a Transformer?! And he has a BOWTIE! That, alone, lets you know TARDIS Prime is not here to play games. This shirt is, by far, awesome and I loved it! And it just so happens that I recently began to watch Doctor Who so this was definitely appreciated when I opened up the box to see this! Loot Crate is also awesome because they send us shirts in our sizes, so it’s not a giant sleep shirt on me, but a shirt that fits just right! One of my co-workers is also a Looter, so as you can imagine, the two of us wore our shirts the next day to work. If only I had gotten a picture of us together!

Mega Man Air Freshener – Epic Scents

Mega Man Air Freshener

Mega Man isn’t a doctor, yes, but he was created by a doctor, Dr. Light! This air freshener is very cute and totally full of nostalgia. The scent itself is a cool minty-ish smell that is very strong! I had opened it and left it inside my Loot Crate with the rest of my stuff over night after opening it in order to not lose anything (because shit disappears in my house. Seriously.) and in the morning my shirt was pretty much coated in the scent of the air freshener. So needless to say, it works guys! It will now hang proudly in my car and fill it with a lovely aroma of geekery.

Brain Bits

Caffeinated Brain Bits – Harcos Labs

Going along with the doctor/science feel, I was also greeted with more delicious snacks to nom on. These little “brain” pieces of candy look like a bunch of pink nerds, but are actually a chewy candy filled with caffeine. The label said it was watermelon flavored, but I didn’t really taste watermelon while I was eating them. Instead they tasted like sweet, sugary, addicting candies that I can’t really describe for a flavor. But they are still good to eat and will give you little bits of energy with each bite!

And yes, they are already gone, because nothing with caffeine lasts long here with this caffeine addict in the house. 😀

Sharks Drink Cooler – Loot Crate LabsShark Laser Beams!

Aside from the shirt, this was pretty epic. My first reaction upon seeing the image printed on the drink cooler was “I have fricken sharks with fricken laser beams attached to their FRICKEN HEADS!” – my friends who were witnessing the unboxing promptly laughed and then one of my friends snagged it and put her fist in it and tried to pet my cat with it. The cat was not amused. However, I was! And the next day I couldn’t resist getting a soda just so I could use this awesome thing and show everyone the laser beam sharks and the Loot Crate logo so they would all know where it came from!

Bacon Lip BalmBacon Lip Balm – J&D

A piece of bacon a day keeps the doctor away, right? Well it should! Because, seriously, who doesn’t love bacon? Now I can keep my lips from getting chapped and have that delicious taste of bacon at the same time. However, that could also be a bad thing because you’d constantly be licking your lips to get the taste of bacon, then have to reapply it but then you’d lick it off again!! But I’ll confess, the lip balm actually doesn’t taste like bacon. In fact, I’m not a fan of the taste. It sort of smells like bacon, but reminds me more of the Bacon Bits dog treats. So therefore, since I don’t like the taste, it keeps me from licking it off constantly. Clever, clever little trick!! Now, I know this one isn’t exactly doctor related, however Loot Crate still wanted to include a few more items sort of as a Valentine’s Gift, which includes this lip balm and one more item. Awwww, thanks Loot Crate!

Tetris Wall Heart – Walls360

Tetris HeartRemember the neat little Doodle Jump wall sticker I got back in December? Well, those awesome guys included a Tetris Wall Heart sticker this time for the other Valentine’s gift! While a majority of it is one piece, there is still a separate L-shaped piece that you can stick as far away from the rest of the sticker as you really want. Awesome! And of course, this is also showing the love of a classic game we all know: Tetris! Loot Crate has also decided to throw out a photo contest involving this wall sticker where you put it on something you can’t live without, take a photo and submit it. The winner gets a free 3 month extension on the Loot Crate subscription.

Super awesome right?! Now where should I put it? Portal gun? Motorcycle? XBox?!

Do you have a suggestion on where I can put it? Let me know! Hell maybe I’ll take a bunch of photos based on your suggestions just because I can!!

Well that’s it for the February Loot Crate! As always, the fine team of geeks at Loot Crate’s HQ have outdone themselves once more and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for March!

Are you interested in getting your own Loot Crate subscription? Well click here to check it out and sign up for your own subscription! But hurry because a month seriously goes faster than you think and you don’t want to miss March’s crate!

Stay tuned for more Loot Crate reviews and other silly things from me!

And, as always, stay geeky!


Holy (January) Loot Crate Review, Batman!

Hi guys! Sorry for the delay on this one. I happened to get my Loot Crate RIGHT before Amazing Arizona Comicon and I’m just now waking up from my con coma and getting over my post-con depression; if you’ve been to any comic conventions you can relate.

Anyway! Onto the Loot Crate review! If you happened to spot my (ridiculously lame) unboxing video, you already know what I got! If you haven’t, well click THIS LINK and feel free to laugh at my awkwardness in this video. I know I am.

Also, I kind of ate and drank two of the items in the crate and threw them away before I got a chance to take pictures because DUMB NICHOLE IS DUMB AND NOT THINKING. DERP. So this review is going to be pictureless, unless I can snag my friend’s loot crate items and snag pictures of those!


Marvel Workmans Carry All – Marvel

Based on other unboxing videos, it seems there were a variety of Marvel tins. I happened to get an Amazing Spiderman tin based on the newest movie. For those of you that had seen my unboxing video, by the way, I am very aware of the fact that I sang the Batman theme song with Spiderman. If you think I’m dumb, well I HAVE OUTSMARTED YOU!!! I was thinking of the Family Guy scene where Peter was on the clothesline roleplaying with Lois. You know! This scene!

Anyway! The tin is awesome and looks a little durable. I’m considering whether or not to use this as my lunchbox at work to make everyone jealous; or maybe they would just know immediately who would own such a silly little tin with Spiderman on it. It also happens to have a decent amount of space, as you probably noticed when I was pulling everything out of it in the video. Winning!

Translucent 7 Dice RPG Set – + Chessex

So I thought this was pretty damn awesome, and I don’t even play RPG board games! These apparently come in quite an array of colors on their site at and after seeing that they came in purple, I totally wish I had gotten that one! However, my set was black and it’s awesome. What comes in the set is:

  • 4-sided die
  • 6-sided die
  • 8-sided die
  • 10-sided die
  • 12-sided die
  • 20-sided die
  • Percentile 10-sided die

For the time, I am displaying them on my desk next to my Honey Badger. Perhaps I will hold these off for a giveaway later on, if that’s something you guys might be interested in!

photo (3)8 Bit Zombie Power Pack –

So, since I didn’t open these on video, I did manage to take a picture of the stickers and pin outside of the package to show you all the epicness that is contained. When I saw these things, I thought they were pretty damn awesome! It also got me curious as to what 8-bit Zombie was about, so it brought me to their site. Basically the site is dedicated to nostalgia of the 80’s. Now the 80’s was – admittedly – before my time, however I can still appreciate some 8-bit goodness! The site is pretty neat and their shop is full of awesome swag! Needless to say, these stickers will be going on random things I own (more than likely my binder for school). The pins are also pretty badass, one of them being their logo, and the other being literally an 8-bit Zombie.

Hello Panda Snacks – Meiji

Everyone can appreciate snacks from the asian culture, and this one is no exception! Hello Panda snacks are small, crunchy “biscuits” filled with chocolatey goodness. When you first bite into it, you get that nice crunch, then the chocolate gushes out and sends your taste buds into a chocolate coma. On the postcard from Loot Crate, they challenged us to not eat the whole box in one sitting. I failed that challenge. But I do not feel bad about that at all. It was so worth it.

Bonus Items!!!!!!!!

A few weeks before the January crate shipped, Loot Crate sent out an offer to upgrade their looters to a 3-month or 6-month subscription with a little discount and free items from previous loot crates. I took advantage and upgraded my 1-month to a 3-month subscription. So in turn, I got these two extra items!

Super Mario Bros. Power Up Energy Drink – Nintendo

I saved this baby for Amazing Arizona Comicon this past weekend since, when you attend a con, you are likely to be waking up early and getting home late. I was a little worried that the drink wouldn’t taste too well, since there aren’t really very many energy drinks out there that I like. WRONG. This drink was freaking AWESOME. It had a little bit of a sweeter, raspberry-like taste and it was lightly carbonated. It contains 50 mgs of caffeine, which is less than my usual energy drink, but I still noticed a small difference in my energy level. It may have helped that I had hit a wall and was seriously needing a pick-me-up. This definitely helped. Only downside? I only got one and WANTED MORE. I know these are available at Hot Topic in single cans but I will be keeping my eye out for packs of them if I can!

The Legend of Zelda Mints

The mints inside are your usual little tiny peppermints (which I eat like candy so I’m surprised I haven’t eaten all of them yet). The tin, however, is in the shape of Link’s shield. It’s pretty detailed for a little mint case and I love it! Once the mints are gone, I’ll more than likely clean it off and use it for something else! Maybe a little storage for a necklace or earrings!

That’s it for the January Loot Crate! As always, these guys do an amazing job at putting together crates full of awesome items from pop culture, games, comic books, and anything else you can think of! The fact that they have snacks and drinks to share with you is also pretty epic. Can’t wait for the next one!

Interested in getting a subscription of your own yet?! Well, lucky for you I have a lovely little referral link for you! Nice thing about Loot Crate is that they have a referral program that allows you to get discounts off your next crate for each person you sign up. If you get 4 new subscribers through your referral link, you can get the next month FREE! Isn’t that just awesome?!

So here. Go subscribe now and get in on the epic geekery that is LOOT CRATE!!!

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December Loot Crate Review

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and are preparing themselves to get plastered for New Years tomorrow! And if you’re not planning to get plastered, then I hope whatever you’re doing will be fun regardless! On top of all my Christmas gifts I received from loved ones, I also happened to come home on Christmas Day to my Loot Crate for this month. Great timing right?! Well Loot Crate has, once again, out-done themselves this month with another box full of epic, geeky stuff! I won’t leave you in anticipation any longer. Let’s get to it!

December Loot Crate Theme: Kyujitsu

Doodle JumpHoliday Doodle Jump Wall Graphic by WALS260 & Lima Sky – Now I don’t have the game, Doodle Jump, but that didn’t stop me from squeeing a little when I pulled out the holiday-themed wall graphic of the little guy from the game. It’s extremely cute, reminds me of a Wampa more-so than a yeti (hello, Star Wars geek here) and is currently hanging out on the wall right next to the iMac monitor. It’s not just a normal little sticker that you slap on the wall either. It’s actually made out of a fabric that is designed to be able to be repositioned. So if you slap it on the wall and then decide that it would actually look better above your TV, or over your night stand, it will be no problem to tear the little guy off and place him elsewhere!

image_5Nerdy Domo Plush by NHK Japan – Who doesn’t love Domo? I mean seriously, he’s totally adorable even with his razor sharp teeth and that sinister look in his beady little eyes that makes you think he probably wants to chew your arm off! Such an adorable little guy. Well this month, you would either get the nerdy version or the super hero version of a Domo plush! Apparently Loot Crate read my mind on how much of a little nerd I can be and decided to give me Nerdy Domo! I love it, and until I can find a better place to put him, he’s gonna help the little turrets stand guard over my Portal gun.


It’s 13:37 Somewhere Bev Tool by Loot Crate Labs – Now I can show my looter pride while I’m opening up that delicious beer! Loot Crate created this lovely bottle opener with an awesome saying on the middle of it. Because, you know, they’re 1337 and all. This will be proudly displayed on my keyring so I can come to someone’s rescue when they are stranded with that mexican coke bottle or the non-twist off beer and crying for help. And once they read the bottle opener they will know that I, too, am 1337.


Geek/Gamer Split Personality Wristband – Is Loot Crate stalking me? Seriously. Because this wristband may as well have been personalized just for me and my lifestyle. One side says Geek, and the other side says Gamer. It covers me in a nutshell and, based on how I’m feeling that day, I can have either one facing up on my wrist… Well, actually it would be on my forearm because my wrist is tiny and the only way to get any fucking bracelet to fit on me is to shove it half way up my arm until it doesn’t try to make a run right past my hand. But I digress. The bracelet is still awesome.


Atari Collectible Joystick with Gum by Atari & Boston America – I haven’t played a game with a joystick in a very long time, but this collectible joystick case is pretty awesome. The gum inside of it is pretty tasty too, though like most gum it does lose it’s flavor after a few minutes. So after I’ve taken a piece of delectable gum out of the case, I’ll set it in front of Domo or Honey Badger and pretend they are pew-pewing things. I am easily amused. Don’t judge me, monkey.

image_4Honey Badger Don’t Care Plush – You were wondering why I mentioned putting the Joystick collectible in front of Honey Badger just now huh? Well I wanted to save this thing for last because it is just downright AWESOME. The Honey Badger plush was this month’s special item and it was another thing I was squeeing over as I opened the box. As expected, the Honey Badger looks like he wants to fuck you up, but he’s also unexpectedly cuddly in his plush form. However I definitely wouldn’t try to cuddle a real Honey Badger. Because he seriously doesn’t give a shit and he WILL fuck you up.

That’s it for this month’s crate! Liking what you see and want to get a subscription of your own? Well click here and check it out!