Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn

My cosplay journey first began with Star Wars charity costuming. But around 2012-2013, I began to desire expanding into other universes. I have always liked Harley Quinn but the Arkham games rekindled that love when I saw her new designs. I just had to do them.

Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn was actually commissioned from someone on Etsy. This was my first and only online custom costume purchase because it is always hard to give accurate measurements to someone online when they can’t measure you themselves. The costume ended up being ill-fitting on some pieces, though the corset was perfect. Still, I was excited to have my first Harley costume!

Who made it: NeverMadHatter on Etsy. I purchased the wig, boots, and fishnet tights, bracelets, and belt.

Completed: October 2013 (I think. I can’t quite remember on this one.)

This costume has since been retired. The shirt was used and altered when Arkham Knight Harley was made later in 2014.

aaharleygroup asylumharley asylumharleyquinn Harley_AACC13 harley_bane


Photo Credits:

Grant Brummett

Others, but I can’t remember who. And some cell phone shots too. I didn’t really know any photographers at this time. :P

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