Arkham City Harley Quinn

Arkham City Harley Quinn was the first costume I commissioned from Maise Designs Seamstress. This was just the beginning of all the projects we do together as well as the beginning of a wonderful and close friendship. The costume was test ran on Free Comic Book Day with my boyfriend’s New 52 Joker, and officially debuted at Phoenix Comicon 2013. It also happened to be the first costume I did a photoshoot in with Adam Patrick Murray, which also happened to be the beginning of a close friendship between us and our significant others.

Basically, this costume holds a lot of sentimental meaning since it has brought so much to my life in the way of friendships, exposure to sewing, and even exposure to the online cosplay community. Even though it is not a costume I made completely by myself, it brought me a lot of you awesome people that now follow my journey as I collaborate on more projects and begin to learn sewing myself.

Who made it: Primarily by Maise. I helped with cutting and pinning the fabric and I was there for the entire process. Gabby was kind enough to let me hang around to start learning things. Now with every costume we work on, 90% of it is ONLY worked on when I’m over at her house.

I bought the boots, belt, wig, and bat. I painted the bat myself and the original wig was dyed using Sharpies (yes I sat there and colored the loving shit out of all that hair).

Completed on: May 2014

Upgrades: Since the completion of the costume, I have redone the wig by dyeing a new one using iDye Poly fabric dye. If you choose to use this method to dye your wigs, please be extra careful! I also got myself some colored contacts so I would have Harley’s blue eyes.

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