Arkham Knight Harley Quinn

The Arkham Knight Harley Quinn costume was commissioned from Maise Designs Seamstress and was completed less than a month after the first Batman: Arkham Knight trailer debuted on March 4, 2014 and a photoshoot was done on April 1, 2014. The funny thing is that as soon as the trailer debuted, Gabby had IMed me at work, had me watch it, and we immediately geeked out over her new costume. We were in the middle of making Pirate Harley at the time and ultimately decided to put it on hold to get this costume made instead.

It’s insane that we were able to get this done in less than a month, but it turned out SO GOOD. There was a LOT of custom patterning done because of the design with the harness, corset, and bra. The shirt was actually my Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn shirt; I retired that costume in order to do this one. The shirt was ill-fitting anyway so it was good to repurpose it.

At the time, we also did not have a very good shot of the back of the costume, so we took some liberties and made the back of the corset half black and half red, which paid homage to her original suit. In the end, I honestly like our design more than the actual design because it kind looks like she has back boobs with the way the top of the corset lays. LOL.

Who made it: Maise and I both really worked on this. She, of course, did the sewing. But since I’ve had practice with a lot of things by this time, I did a lot more pinning and cutting and prepping the materials to be sewn together. But the diamonds on the front of the corset I DEFINITELY left to her because I’m not the best at drawing straight, symmetrical lines. XD

Completed on: March 2014. First photoshoot completed on April 1, 2014.

Upgrades: After Maise actually made the costume a second time for Jessica Nigri for San Diego Comic Con 2014, we actually revisited my costume a little bit. The boots were weathered a little more, a new bra that made the girls look better was altered, and snaps were added to the straps on the harness that go around my arms. I used to have to just kind of contortion my way into the harness because of those straps. Not anymore!

885549_10204664345440679_8956809578091100092_o 10466979_10204664345640684_2998946583037044261_o 10498026_10204664344880665_679838669956436626_o 10838252_10204664345600683_3321346457074693749_o 14515441713_fb019fc44b_o Close up - PCC 2015 - York in a Box fanfest_Harley IMG_8553 HarleyQuinn-kissing-Joker IMG_8550 IMG_8606 IMG_8611 IMG_8657 IMG_8678 IMG_8704 IMG_8707 PCC 2015 - York in a Box Sassy - PCC 2015 - York in a Box Silly Face - PCC 2015 - York in a Box Smiles - PCC 2015 - York in a Box Smirk - PCC 2015 - York in a Box Don't mess with Harley! Silly Harley 11270307_984377438268761_8212934216443808635_o 11949309_969004276475510_6024997615467160244_n 11954682_969004526475485_6003135327630516631_n 11954784_969004303142174_2279245626726691096_n 11960051_969004213142183_784119783300990603_n 11988221_969004166475521_6661944036679447568_n 11990668_969004343142170_266322040361012488_n


Photo Credits:

Adam Patrick Murray
York in a Box
Grant Brummett

CourteX Studios

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