Classic Harley Quinn

Well I had done four different variations of Harley by now and we all knew that none of those variations would have existed if it weren’t for the original design! Needless to say, I needed to do this costume, so I decided to get it done for Amazing Arizona Comicon 2015. The costume was originally going to be completed in 2014 until an unfortunate little accident happened that resulted in the fabric getting burned or something right on the left butt cheek.

We were bummed about this, plus Maise had some other projects she was working on at the same time. The suit was basically placed on hold for a while but eventually got done!

I decided not to do the cowl for a number of reasons. One, I wanted a comfortable costume that was still Harley and didn’t require me to get all crazy with the make up; I still have the option because I can use the mask from Pirate Harley though. Another reason was because at the time we weren’t sure how to go about making the cowl exactly. At some point, I’ll revisit the idea of doing the actual cowled version. But for now, I’m enjoying being able to be a little more casual with this costume!

Who made it: Maise Designs and I tag-teamed the suit and collar. I did the usual cut/pin and she sewed. I actually made the cuffs from scratch myself and hand-sewed them. 😀

Completed as of: February 2015

Upgrades: While I haven’t actually added this upgrade just yet, I will be getting an actual wig. I may be blonde, but my hair is not thick enough to get the volume I actually desire. Also, I don’t have bangs. It’s kind of required for Harley. Just saying.

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Photo credits:

Grant Brummett

Tony Julius

Thomas Int-Hout

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