Pirate Harley Quinn

This costume is actually based off of an original design/artwork by No Flutter. I absolutely adore her designs and had to bring the pirate version to life! It’s not the most comfortable costume between the heels, corset, wig, and mask but I was happy that we got it done and that it turned out so well! <3

Who made it: Maise Designs with my help regarding pinning and cutting fabric. I purchased the tights, wig, and gloves. I altered the boots myself by creating the silver pieces out of worbla. The mallet was made by my boyfriend, Steven.

Completed: May/June 2014

10447644_672259602843663_8855945145896848224_n APM 2014 Batman Harley Selfie - PCC 2014 Harley Catwoman - PCC 2014 Polaroid APM Shot - 2014 Silly Face - PCC 2014

Photo Credits:

Adam Patrick Murray

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