Steampunk X-Ladies: Rogue

Steampunk Rogue was actually part of a large art/cosplay project. I am so happy to have been a part of this because the project turned out SO COOL. This also happened to be my first Marvel costume, but I fully intend to make more in the future!

The Project: The project was actually the brain child between Jenevieve Broomall and Maise Designs. Jen designed the costumes and Maise brought them to life by making the costumes! They rounded up six cosplay girls – myself included, obviously – and had us pick the characters we wanted to be! I ended up choosing Rogue. The project was completed over a six month period and we all primarily communicated and posted updates via a Facebook group. The entire project – including us in the costumes and the accompanying limited edition print – debuted at Phoenix Comicon 2015!

I was so excited to be a part of a project like this and I hope to be involved in more soon.

Cosplayers involved in the project: Natalie Arvizu Cosplay, Sirenita Cosplay, Empire Kat Cosplay, Krash Cosplay, CupcakeNinja Cosplay

Who made it: Maise Designs. I cut/pinned fabric and any other simple work. She sewed. I bought the goggles, boots, gloves, and tights. Maise’s husband actually did the LED work for the light in my glove. I cut and styled the wig myself!

Completed: April/May 2015 for Rogue. Everyone was done by a week before PCC I believe!

11251162_10206022941426167_7116003142278422127_n 11296455_1118184588196295_1945193779_o 11535476_1118184604862960_736939577_o DERP - Grant 11535227_1118184601529627_1281833937_o 11542580_1118184574862963_1149576712_o 11638994_1118184591529628_415296921_o 11639158_1118184598196294_1430684879_o 11640514_1118184578196296_880101822_o Entire Group - Tony Julius portrait - Laughing Koi Productions Steampunk X-Men Group - Grant Brummet IMG_2094-2 IMG_2091 IMG_2087

Photo Credits:

Tony Julius

Grant Brummett

Thomas Int-Hout

Laughing Koi Productions

Xander D Photography


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  • Reply evoletyvaine July 8, 2015 at 6:38 PM

    Love the Stormpunk costume. And your Rogue. But is the Iron Man lighted glove a steampunk thing? Because the actual X-Men character didn’t have anything like that. Just curious.

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